5G Complete Explanation | 5G working with its Features and Applications

5G Complete Explanation | 5G working with its Features and Applications

5G Explained : 5G is the next generation technology developed for higher data transfer rate over wireless network. 5G stands for fifth generation, which means it’s is the successor of 4G technology and increase in high data rate transfer with low latency is achieved as compared to 4G.

5G is really fast having the download speed higher than 10Gbps, which makes it 1000 times faster than 4G network.5G offers real time communication between the devices connected through it. It means having lowest latency and negligible amount of delay in transferring and receiving of information.

How 5G Works

5G Complete Explanation | 5G working with its Features and Applications

You must be wondering how 5G can be so fast. Before diving into 5G technology, let’s take a look at 4G technology.

The frequency band of 4G is upto 20MHz, which is doesn’t provide much higher data transfer rate. But the reach of the 4G tower is up-to 10 km area.

When it comes to 5G, it’s frequency band is up to 6GHz, which provides very high data transfer rate. But the reach of the 5G tower is very less, which is 100m only. It also can’t penetrate walls easily and will show some problem in harsh weather. This is because of increase in frequency of the signal which decreases it’s intensity and make it weak.

Due to this, the number of transmission tower must be increase. More the number of transmission tower will be in the area, more powerful the network will be.

5G Features

  1. As we know human brain is faster than any supercomputer, having reaction time 100-200 Milli second. But when it comes to 5G technology, it’s reaction time is just 1 Milli second, which is really really fast. This enable the communication between devices and people with real time interaction having no lag on either side.
  2. 5G is the important technology behind IOT devices to connect and communicate in a real time. As the number of IOT devices are increasing, the 4G technology reaches it limit with the increase in network traffic. At this point, 5G network comes into play, which offers more number of devices to communicate in real time.
  3. The expected speed of the 5G network in 1.4 Gbps, which is really fast and allow you to download a full HD movie in just 2 seconds.
  4. As you know, a coin have two sides. Similarly, with 5G having so much advantages, it have one disadvantage too. The signal reach of 5G network is very short. It means there should be more number of antenna for transmission to overcome these weak intensity signal problem with 5G technology. We will take more about this in the below section.

How will 5G makes our life easy

1. Self driving car

We are moving towards the world of automation. Self driving cars are the biggest example to automation. A gigantic network of all the cars is formed to exchange the data at a very fast rate. Because a single second delay in a network can give rise to big accident. Here comes the role of 5G, having great data transfer rate and negligible reaction time.

2. Real time gaming experience

An evolution in the gaming world, can also be seen with the arrival of 5G. As you can experience and interact with people, objects or character in a real time with 0 delay and no lag. It means the future of shooting games like – pubg or fortnite will be fascinating.

3. Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is one of the many advantages provided by 5G. With this fastest network, a robotic surgery is possible, no matter how far the doctor is from patient. The surgeon can still accomplish the surgery with exactitude, with the power AI and 5G technology.

Hope, you like the information regarding 5G technology. You are welcome to share your views regarding 5G technology in the comment section below.

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