Applications of Stack: There are number of Applications of Stack which we are going to discuss in this article.

Stack is a type of Data Structure in which we can enter and retrieve data from one end only.

This entering and retrieving of data is also called Push and Pop Operation in Stack.

Before learning any concept or technology, we should have a clear understanding of it’s Applications in Real World.

So, here are the Top 7 Applications of Stack in Data Structure:

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1. Expression Evaluation and Conversion

There are 3 types of expression we use in Programming, which are Infix Expression, Prefix Expression and Postfix Expression.

Infix Expression is represented as X + Y. Prefix Expression is represented as +XY and Postfix Expression is represented as XY+.

In order to evaluate these expressions in Programming, a Data Structure called Stack is used.

Similarly, Stack is also used for Converting one expression into another. For example, converting Infix to Postfix or Infix to Prefix.

2. Backtracking

Backtracking is a recursive algorithm which is used for solving the optimization problem.

So, In order to find the optimized solution of a problem with Backtracking, we have to find each and every possible solution of the problem, doesn’t matter if it is correct or not.

In Backtracking, while finding the every possible solution of a problem, we store the solution of a previously calculated problem in Stack and use that solution to solve the upcoming problems.

3. Parenthesis Checking

In Programming, we make use of different type of parenthesis, like – (, ), {, }, which are used for opening and closing a block of code.

So, these parenthesis get stored in Stack and control the flow of our program.

4. Function Call

In Programming, whenever you make a call from one function to the another function. The address of the calling function gets stored in the Stack.

So, when the called function gets terminated. The program control move back to the calling function with the help of the address which was stored in the Stack.

So, Stack plays the main role when it comes to Calling a Function from other Function.

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5. String Reversal

String Reversal is another amazing Application of Stack. Here, one by one each character of the Stack get inserted into the Stack.

So, the first character of the Stack is on the bottom of the Stack and the last character of the String is on the Top of the Stack.

After performing the pop operation in Stack, we get the String in Reverse order.

6. Syntax Parsing

As many of the Programming Languages are context-free languages. So, Stack is also heavily used for Syntax Parsing by most of the Compilers.

7. Memory Management

Memory Management is the important function of the Operating System. Stack also plays the main role when it comes to Memory Management.

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