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List of Best Technology To Learn in 2020: We are the witness of the drastic changes technology have made in the world. Technology have made our life so easy and comfortable that without it we can’t imagine our life.

Technology doesn’t only affect our social life but professional life as well. As we all know that the only thing which is constant in this world is change. Similarly, with every successive year the technology we use today also gets improved or get replaced with other technology.

But it is pretty obvious to predict the upcoming technology trend. So, today we will take a deep look at list of best technology which you can learn in 2020.

List of Best Technology to Learn in 2020

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence is not among the strange technologies anymore, as there is a lots of hype of AI nowadays. Many of us are already familiar with the Artificial Intelligence and its Working.

    Artificial Intelligence is the most promising technology and has started to power the number of device we use in our day to day life. For Example – Most of the applications we use like Amazon, Facebook, YouTube are heavily using AI under the hood. The biggest application of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. So, if you interested in learning more about AI, you should definitely check our post as well.

  2. Internet of Things – Internet of Things is also among the famous technology trend. There are lots of real world applications of IOT. Iot is basically a technology or practice of connecting all the device or appliances to each other, so as to make a secure and reliable connection between them.

    The aim to connect these devices is to establish better user experience and automation. Since, there are still not many IoT enabled devices and a lots of work is need to be done. So, there is high need of IoT engineers in future for sure. IoT is a great opportunity for you if it is under you field of interest.

  3. Blockchain – Most of us have heard about Cryptocurrency and even used Bitcoins for the transactions as well. Cryptography is treated as the most secure and reliable method of transaction and it is possible only with the help of Blockchain Technology.

    Blockchain is a most trusted technology for transaction because of it uncentralized and secure transaction features. Many new digital currency are using cryptocurrency like – Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency is powered by Blockchain. So, learning Blockchain is a worthy skill to grab in 2020.

  4. Voice Technology – Now, it maybe the underestimated technology, but is surely one of the most potential technology in the future.

    We are still using the voice technology in our mobile phones with Google assistance, Siri of iPhone assistance and many more. But in future, we will be using voice to interact with machines and gadgets around us, with the help of various technology like – NLP, Machine Learning.

    In future, majority of the commands or input is being taken with the help of voice. So, it is worthy to learn and get skilled in Voice Technology.

  5. Edge Computing – Edge computing is also depicted as a replacement of Cloud computing, but actually it is the improvement in Cloud Computing. In simple words, Edge Computing is the next version of cloud computing.

    As in cloud computing, we tends to upload, process and retrieve our data from cloud or severs, which are geographically located far away from us. So, this makes the uploading and retrieval of data very slow.

    But in Edge Computing the servers are located close to our geographical location. This ultimately makes the transferring of data very fast.

  6. Mixed Reality (VR + AR) – Mixed reality is a composition of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It is the practice of using both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality simultaneously. As we know that we can create a completely different or stimulated environment with the help of VR. Similarly, AR helps us to interact with our environment virtually.

    Combining the functionality of VR and AR will give us the whole new experience, which is known as Mixed Reality. In Mixed Reality, we used to wear VR and with the help of AR, we can experience the real and virual world in the real time.

    Mixed Reality have great potential and many companies have already started to make the potential use of it.

  7. Automation – With every successive year, there are lots of jobs which are getting automated. Many desk jobs which only require repetitive task to perform are already replaced by the automation.

    Automation is not only limited to the industries. Many small and big businesses have also acquired the automation because of it’s low lost and high efficiency performance. Even many big technologies like – Self-driving car, Smart house, IoT are possible with the help of Automation Technology.

  8. Analytics – Analytics is the most underrated technology or skill. There is a exceedingly high need of Analytics engineer in every company. As there is a lots of raw or meaningless data in a company which is needed to be compiled to extract the useful information from it, which will help there business to grow or extend.

    There are many analytics tools available and even one of the important application of AI and Machine Learning is data analysis. So, there is a lots of scope in analytics and high demand of good data analytics Engineer in market.

Prepare for the future and Upgrade your knowledge. These technologies will help you in this. If you have any question or suggestion, let me know in the comment section below.

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