Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies: With every succeeding year, you can see lots of new technology trends.

These emerging technologies play the major role in shaping our world. Directly or Indirectly, it will drastically affect our lifestyle as well.

If you are a developer, then we have created a separate article in which we have talked about Top Technologies you should learn to skyrocket your career as a developer.

However, here we will cover all the technologies that will affect the life of Technical as well as Non- Technical Person.

So, here are the Top 9 Emerging Technologies:

1. Quantum Computing

Emerging Technologies - Quantum Computing

In the recent decades, the speed of the computers has exponentially increased.

Since, computers are becoming so much faster. However, still the speed of the computers are restricted due to some physical factors.

So, In order to break these restrictions, a new revolution in the field of computation has already taken place, which is Quantum Computers.

Top tech giant companies, like – Google and IBM are working on Quantum Computers.

Recently, Google announced that they have successfully achieved the Quantum Supremacy and their Quantum Computer is 100 million times faster than the classical computer.

Unlike traditional computers which works on the principle of classical physics. Quantum computers work on the basis of Quantum Physics.

In traditional or classical computer, we uses electrons(0 or 1 state) to perform the computation.

However, In quantum computers, we uses qubits(0, 1 or both at the same time) for computation.

Number of companies have started the research and development in the field of Quantum Computing.

Quantum Computers are the future and will replace the Classical Computers for sure.

2. Automation

With every successive year, there are lots of jobs which are getting automated.

Many desk jobs which only require repetitive task to perform are already replaced by the automation.

Automation is not only limited to the industries.

Many small and big businesses have also acquired the automation because of it’s low lost and high efficiency performance.

Even many big technologies like – Self-driving car, Smart house, IoT are possible with the help of Automation Technology.

3. Nanotechnology

Emerging Technology - Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, as the word itself says, it is the technology in which we study particles at the nanoscale level and then we use those particles to create different resourceful technologies.

1 nanometer is equal to 1 billionth part of 1 meter(0.000000001m). So, it basically works on the quantum level and there is a major role of Quantum Mechanics in the field of Nanotechnology.

The possibilities of Nanotechnology are enormous and can be used in different branches of Science and Technology, like – Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and many more.

You must have heard about the Nanotechnology in most of the science fiction movies.

However, with the help of modern science, lot’s of development in the field of Nanotechnology has already started.

There are lots of applications of Nanotechnology in the field of medical science and electronics. Beside that it can be a great tool for curing lots of deadliest diseases.

4. AI as a Service

AI as a Service

If you are running an online business, then AI is the technology which you must implement in your business.

In the earlier days, it was quite difficult to implement AI in your business as you need a proper infrastructure(hardware and software) which was really costly.

However, now there are lots of companies, like – Google, Amazon, IBM and many more, which provides the AI services

They help you in setting up the AI infrastructure and all the requirements, like – proper hardware and different machine learning algorithms in the minimum cost possible.

You just need to provide them the relevant data of your business and they will provide you the best possible solutions to grow your business.

AI as a Service is one of the top application of AI and most of the cloud providers like – Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are already providing the AI services to their customers.

5. Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation is the technique in which the physical or mental ability of the human body get enhanced with the help of modern science and technology.

For example – if someone is physically disabled or lost his/her hand in the accident. Then that missing part of the body can be replaced by the robotic limb.

If you have watched the science fiction movie named “terminator”, then you must have seen the augmented humans who are half humans and half machine.

Now with the help of robotics and modern technology, it is not a science fiction any more and we are heading towards achieving that very soon.

6. Autonomous Driving

Emerging Technology - Autonomous Driving

Self driving car is the next big revolution and emerging technologies in the field of automation industry.

As in traditional cars, a driver is necessary who will navigate and take the major decisions, like – when to take left, right or use the breaks.

However, in autonomous car or self driving car, driver is not necessary as car itself is able to take the navigation decisiions.

Self driving car uses many sensors to analyze and interact with the environment. Then different machine learning algorithms are used to take the correct decision.

Nowadays, self driving cars are not much in use, but in future the demand of self driving car will increase for sure. As it will help in eliminating the number of limitations of the traditional cars.

7. 5G Data Network

Emerging Technology - 5G

5G is the next generation network and one of the emerging technologies in the field of networking.

5G network is approximately 100 times faster than a 4G network and you can get speed upto 10Gbps.

You will get the high speed, less latency and amazing response time in 5G.

With the arrival of 5G, the IoT technology will also get improved and you will see lots of smart devices interconnecting with each other with the help of 5G.

There are lot of amazing application of 5G. Some of them are Self Driving Cars, Remote Surgery, Real Time Gaming with zero latency, Smart City and many more.

8. Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation(NLG) is the technology which is used for converting the raw data into a human readable text or speech.

It uses the AI and Machine Learning Algorithms to turn the data set into interactive article or speech. You can create stories and text summarization with the help of NLG.

There is a wide scope of NLG, as it is already used in journalism and for creating chat bots.

9. 4D Printing

As we live in 3D world, so how can a 4D printing be possible.

As in 3D printing, we use raw material and convert it into a useful object. Similarly, in 4D printing, we use materials and convert it into different objects.

The only difference between 3D and 4D printing is the material used.

In 3D printing, normal material like – plastic, glass, silver, titanium ans steel are used. Whereas in 4D printing, smart materials, like – LCE(Liquid Crystal Elastomer) and SMP(Shape Memory Ploymer) are used.

These smart material which are used in 4D printing have the ability to behave differently in the different conditions.

As a result, 4D printed object are also smart and can change their behavior or shape based on the different conditions.

Hope you like the post. If you have any suggestion or other point which should be in this list, let me know in the comment section below.

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