How to be a Android Application Developer: Nowadays, Majority of us have a smartphone, as smartphone is the necessary requirement of this digital world.

Without smartphone, we cannot imagine our life to be as easy as it is now.

Over 87% of the smartphone in the market are Android. iOS holds rest 13% of the market share.

This means Android OS is the most popular OS among Mobile OS.

With the increase of Android Smartphones in the market, the need of Android Developer also increased.

There are millions of applications available in the Play Store uploaded by the Android Developers.

Many businesses or startup are in the search of good Android Developer, who can build the application for them and help them to grow their business.

In order to build Android Application, there are mainly 3 technologies which are in great demand, which is Android Studio, Flutter and React Native.

You can work as a full-time Android Developer for the company or you can also work as a freelancer, if you want to work as a part time Android Developer.

You can also build your own app and earn a big money from it.

The opportunities are enormous, only if you know the Android Application Development.

So, today we will take a deep look at how to be a Android Application Developer and put your app in the Play Store. So, you can generate the income through it.

Here is a 5 Step Guide to become Android Application Developer:

Table of Contents

1. Minimum Hardware Requirement

The first step towards learning Android Development is to have the minimum hardware required for running the Android Studio which we will discuss later.

The hardware include computer or laptop and android smartphone.

For laptop or computer, you should have at least 4GB RAM and i3 Processor.

It doesn’t matter which laptop you choose, it must fulfill at least these minimum requirements, so as to run all your applications smoothly.

Now you also need one smartphone in which you will run and test your applications.

You can also run application on emulator in Android Studio.

But it is not recommended to test your applications in emulator as emulator is not user friendly.

So, if you have the above hardware devices, you are good to go to start your Android development learning process.

2. Learn the Programming Language

The next and important step towards learning Android Development is to choose your Programming Language.

Now, there are two options available for you in Programming Language. Like – You can go with Java or Kotlin.

Many of us get confused between Java or Kotlin and which one to choose.

If you are a beginner, you should definitely go with Java.

As Java have a great community support and if you get stuck in any problem, you will find the lot of tutorials online.

Kotlin is the another option for you, which I would also recommend you to learn. As Kotlin is the new official Programming Language for Android Studio.

Many businesses have moved their code from Java to Kotlin. So, it will be favorable for you, if you have the knowledge of Kotlin Programming Language.

Let me tell you that if you know Android Development with Java, then you can easily move to Kotlin. As the syntax of Java and Kotlin is much similar.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be master in Kotlin to be an Android Developer.

If you know the basic concepts of the Programming Language, you are good to go to start learning Android Development.

3. Get your hands dirty with Android Studio

Now that you have the knowledge of Kotlin Programming Language, you should start learning Android Studio.

Android Studio is the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) which helps you to build the Android Applications very easily.

You can either follow any YouTube channel to learn Android Studio or if you have a money to invest, you can buy a good course online, the choice is yours.

You have to give more attention to the core concepts and how the things work in Android Studio.

The process of learning Android Development is quite exciting as you will learn to create many cool applications.

Best Course

-> Best Course for learning Android Development with Kotlin: The Complete Android 10 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

4. Make couple of Projects

This is the most important step to be followed during your Android Development journey.

After learning the core concepts of Android Studio, you should start creating your own applications.

When you will create your application, you will came to know about many essential things.

For example – how to perform debugging and resolve errors, how to make app more user friendly and many more.

So, you should create a couple of good applications, which will make your resume more attractive as well.

If you are lacking the good app idea to test your development skills. You can make a clone app of other apps as well.

5. Start your Earning from your Android Application

There are number of opportunities for you, if you know the Android Development. Let me tell you some of them.

You can create your own applications and upload them on Play Store. Your application will make you money by showing Adsense Ads to the users.

This is the most common and effective way of making money from the applications.

You can also do a full-time job, if you are good at Android Development.

There are many companies which are ready to pay you handsome salary.

You can also start your own Startup or Company, if you have a unique idea, by creating a good resourceful application.

You can also create your own course on Android Development and teach them how to build an app.

You can sell that course very easily as there is a huge demand of good courses.

However, if you don’t want to learn Android Development and still want an Application for your Business or Startup.

Then you can hire a Good Android Developer as well, who will build your Application according to your idea and requirement.

The opportunities are enormous but only if you are ready to grab them.

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