How to Learn Programming: 5 Steps to learn to Code

How to learn Programming

How to Learn Programming: Programming is one of the most resourceful and highest paying skill you should have as a millennial.

If you are good at programming, there will be abundance of opportunity for you.

If you are a beginner and struggling through your programming journey, then this article is for you.

Most of us don’t really know the proper way to learn programming.

Therefore, they get confused and struggle to grasp the basic concepts of a Programming Language.

At the end they loose motivation to learn Programming.

Today, we will go through the 5 step process which will guide you and pave the way for you to make your programming experience much better.

Here are the 5 Easy to follow Steps to Learn any Programming Language:

1. Ask Yourself Why You Want to Learn Programming​

The first step in learning Programming is to ask yourself that why do you want to learn it.

This is the most important and underestimated step in learning Programming.

If you do not have a good and substantial reason for Programming, then probably you will lose motivation and quite very easily.

you should have a substantial reason for learning Programming.

Whether you want to make an app, website, software or you want to crack a coding interview or you just want to score good marks in your class.

It should be good enough to drive you towards your goal.

You must take a look on our article, in which we have talked about the most substantial reasons for learning Programming.

2. Choose the Programming Language​​

The next important step is to choose your Programming Language. You should wisely choose the programming language you want to learn.

The programming language you choose should be based on many factors. Like – It’s popularity, future scope and much more.

We have sorted the list of top Programming Languages you should learn, which will have the highest scope in future.

If you are beginner and starting into Programming, then C or C++ is best for you. As it will make your computer fundamentals much clear.

With C and C++, you will know how the memory actually works and how to efficiently perform memory management.

In C++, you will learn a lot about object oriented programming.

Most of the college’s and universities also teaches C and C++ as their first Programming Language.

It is a common say, that if you can learn C++, then you can learn any Programming Language.

3. Data Structure and Algorithms​

Now that you are comfortable with a Programming Language, you are good to start your Data Structure and Algorithms.

Learning Data Structure is the most important and comparatively difficult step in learning Programming.

There are many types of Data Structure. It will help you in improving your Problem Solving Skills.

Algorithm will teach you the multiple way of solving the same problem and then choosing the most efficient one out of them.

So, to be better programmer Data Structure and Algorithms are must.

4. Be Consistent​​

Consistency is the key to be a good programmer.

If you are not good at programming, but you are still consistent to it. Then one day you will be a great programmer for sure.

Even experienced programmers lag somewhere when they are not consistent to programming.

So, you must code each and everyday, and daily improve your coding skills.

5. Make Some Projects​​

Making some projects is the best way to check your coding and problem solving skills.

After learning Programming and Data Structures, you are good to build your projects.

Projects can be of any type. Like it can be a web app, mobile app, game or any of the Technology Trends. But it should be challenging enough to test your coding skills.

After you have build some good projects. You can show them in your portfolio, which will help you in getting more project from your clients.

This way, you can generate handsome income with your skills.

So, these are some steps which are necessary to be followed, if you want to be a good programmer.

If you are passionate and have patience to not quite, then you will be a excellent programmer for sure.

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