How to use ChatGPT for Programming: In this article, we are going to learn about ChatGPT and its usage in Programming.

The day ChatGPT is launched, it started taking over the Internet.

It is a revolutionary AI tool that is developed to solve professional as well as personal tasks and give you the best solution possible.

ChatGPT is capable of giving you the answer to any question you can think of.

Due to this, Most people think that ChatGPT is going to replace Google, which is very much possible.

Even Google is also surprised by its capabilities. Due to this, Google announced a Code Red alert on Dec 2022.

It can be used in every field to solve problems. However, here we are going to use it for Writing Code for us and making the Programming journey easier.

So, before learning about its usage in Programming. Let’s first take a deep look into What exactly is ChatGPT and How you can access it.

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What is ChatGPT?

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a super advance Chatbot which is developed using Artificial Intelligence by the company named OpenAI and is launched on 30 Nov 2022.

After its release, In just 2 months, ChatGPT crossed the 2 million user milestone, which is amazing if we compare it to other platforms like – Instagram (took 2.5 years to reach 2 million users).

It is free to use platform which you can access using the OpenAI website. You just have to create your OpenAI account using the Signup button and you are good to go.

Now, let’s take a look at its use cases in Programming which will ultimately help you in becoming a better programmer.

How to use ChatGPT in Programming?

Here are the top 10 uses of ChatGPT for Programming:

1. Answering General Programming Questions

ChatGPT can help you in answering all your queries and doubts related to Programming.

If you have started learning any new technology and have doubts or questions related to it, then ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for you.

For Example – You can ask “How to learn Programming in easy steps?“.

Answering General Programming Questions

Similarly, you can ask any question, like – “How to get a Remote Job as a Programmer?“.

Answering General Programming Questions - How to use ChatGPT for Programming

You can also ask follow-up questions based on the previous data provided by ChatGPT.

Answering General Programming Follow-up Questions

For Example – You can ask to describe the “Build a strong portfolio” step, which is one of the steps previously provided by the ChatGPT and it will elaborate on that step for you.

2. Generating Script

With the help of ChatGPT, you can generate the Script commands for Linux and Git.

For example – To transfer a Text file from one directory to another in Linux using Script, you can type “Write a bash command to move all the text files from one directory to another” in ChatGPT and it will give you the result as shown below.

Generating Script- Linux Command

Similarly, you can also generate Git Commands as shown in the below image.

Generating Script - Git Command

3. Generating Code

Now with ChatGPT, programming becomes very easy. You just have to type your requirement and it will give you the code.

ChatGPT supports many Programming languages, like – Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C/C++, SQL, Kotlin, PHP and the list goes on.

So, if you want a Java Code to find the largest and smallest number, then you can use give the command “Write a Java Method to find the largest and smallest number from array” in ChatGPT and it will provide you the code with an explanation.

Generating Java Code - How to use ChatGPT for Programming

From this code, you can also ask the follow-up question. Like – to explain any particular set of code which you didn’t understand.

For example – From the above code solution provided, you can ask ‘What does “arr[i] > largest” do in this code?’.

Generating Java Code Follow-up Question

It becomes very challenging to find the Time Complexity of a Program. However, ChatGPT makes it very easy for you.

Java Code Time Complexity

As you can see in the above image that ChatGPT can give you the Time Complexity of any Source Code you provide to it.

4. Unit Testing

ChatGPT is capable of doing Unit Testing for you as well.

Unit Testing- How to use ChatGPT for Programming

If you want to create the JUnit Test Case for the above Java Program, then you just have to type “Write Unit Test for this method” and it will give you the Test Case for the above method.

5. Code Improvement

Code Optimization is one of the most important skills that every programmer must have.

However, ChatGPT can help you in making your code optimized and efficient.

Code Improvement

As you can see in the above image that how we have used ChatGPT to improve our code.

6. Code Translation

You can even translate your code from one language to another using ChatGPT.

Code Translation

Like – For here we are going to convert the above Python Code to C++ Code by telling ChatGPT to “Convert this Python Code to C++“.

7. Code Debugging

If you want to debug your code and want to know the reason for the abnormality it is showing.

Code Debugging

Then you can ask ChatGPT “Can you debug this code” followed by the code which you want to debug and it will give you the complete explanation of its code solution.

8. Generating Sample Data

You can also generate the Dummy data using ChatGPT by giving the command “Generate dummy data for a table named Student. Each column should have an ID, first name, last name, roll no, and address“.

Generating Dummy Data using ChatGPT - How to use ChatGPT for Programming

Now you can also create a class for storing these dummy data by giving the command “Create a Java Class for storing these objects“.

Storing Dummy Data in Java Class

9. Mock Interview for Preparation

Another one of the most important uses of ChatGPT in programming is to use it as an Interviewer.

You can tell ChatGPT about your skills and ask to take your interview based on those skills.

Mock Interview for Preparation

For example – You can simply tell ChatGPT that “I want to prepare for Java Interview. Become my Interviewer and wait for my response” and like any Interviewer, it will ask you the Java questions one by one.

10. Creating Resume

To create a well-formatted Resume, you can take the help of ChatGPT.

You just have to tell your skills and it will do the work for you.

Creating Resume

For example- You can tell your experience in any technology followed by the command to “Write a resume for me.” and it will give you the best Resume format based on your skill and experience.

Besides this, there are many more uses of ChatGPT in Software Development.

Before using the code provided by ChatGPT, you should make sure to verify it first. As ChatGPT is not 100% accurate all the time due to some of its limitations.

So, Like any other tool, ChatGPT also has some limitations which we are going to cover in another article.

Hope you like the article on How to use ChatGPT for Programming and make your life easy. Drop your view on the ChatGPT in the comment section below.

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