Jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence: As we all know that the world is moving towards Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

So, there are lots of jobs and industries that will be in danger in the upcoming years.

The task which is repetitive and requires very less brainstorming will surely get replaced by AI.

There are many rumors that AI will soon take over creative jobs as well.

But the reality is that AI has already started occupying the market with lots of AI Tools available, like – DALL·E 2, which will create an image based on the text you provide to it as a command.

All the jobs that will get affected by AI will indirectly affect the other jobs as well.

For example – Self-driving cars are the new reality in the world, which will affect the jobs of Drivers.

Since the chances of errors on road by Self-Driving Car are very less. So, it will affect the Insurance Industry as well.

Most drivers depend on Food stalls and Restaurants while traveling. So, the reduction in the number of Drivers will indirectly affect the Food Stalls and restaurants as well.

Life of lots of people will get affected across different industries.

So, let’s take a look at some of the jobs which will directly be impacted by AI.

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Top 9 Jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence

Here is a list of the top 9 Jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence soon:

1. Data Entry

Data Entry

Most of the Data Entry jobs are just copy/paste or typing-related work.

Compared to Humans, AI can do Data Entry much more quickly and accurately.

The Data Entry related task takes a whole day for a person to complete, AI can do it in a few seconds.

In just 1-2 years, almost all the jobs in Data Entry will be gone.

So, if you are into Data Entry, then you should start learning new skills.

2. Receptionist

Most of the top hotel and office owners have started using robots in the reception area.

There are various benefits of a Humanoid (Human-like Robot) in reception instead of Humans.

One of them is that Humanoid can work 24/7 without getting bored or sick.

They can take orders from their Customer any time, doesn’t matter whether it’s day or midnight.

Another benefit is breaking the language barrier.

You can feed different languages to a robot and it will interact with your customers, doesn’t matter which language they speak.

So, using AI as a Receptionist will help any business to grow.

3. Proofreading

Proofreading is a process of finding and resolving errors in the text document.

Most of you already know about a tool named “Grammarly“, which is used for correcting errors in a line, paragraph, or article.

Grammarly is the best example of an AI tool that automates the process of Proofreading.

So, In the upcoming years, there will be hardly any need for a Proofreader.

4. Pharmaceutical Work

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the designing and development of medicines become much fast and easy.

There are various Pharmaceutical Companies, like – Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, and many more which are working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and expanding their business exponentially.

To achieve high accuracy in the designing of medicines, a huge amount of data is required for training the Machine Learning model.

In today’s world, we have lots and lots of data, due to which the accuracy in the development of medicines is very high.

5. Courier Services

Courier Services - Jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence

With the enhancement in the Drones powered by AI, the Delivery Industries are completely changed nowadays.

As compared to any Human, Robots or Drones can deliver a package in a very less amount of time at a very low cost.

So, it is not a futuristic concept anymore. Many companies, like – FedEx, Zipline, Wingcopter, Prime Time Air, and many more have already started using Drones for Courier Services.

6. Market Research Analytics

One of the most popular Applications of AI is Big Data and Data Analysis.

For Data Analysis, there are lots of Data Analytics Tools available.

More the amount of data we have, the more the accurate result we will get.

With the huge amount of data that companies have, they started training the Machine based on that data and it can understand the need of consumers as well as producers much better than any Human.

The gap between the Market and Consumers can be understood and filled very easily with the help of AI.

So, the chances of the complete vanishment of Market Research Analyst in the upcoming years is very high.

7. Taxi Driver

With the development and increase in the number of Self-Driving Cars in the market, the need for Taxi drivers or Truck drivers automatically decreases.

There are a lot of companies that are working in the field of Self-Driving Cars. Some of them are Microsoft, Alphabet, Tesla, Ford, Nvidia, and many more.

So, the job of a Taxi Driver will also be in danger with the advancement in Autonomous Vehicle Technology.

8. Security Guard

Security Guard - Jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence

As you know that AI is good at Pattern Recognition and it’s one of the most important applications is Image Recognition and Video Classification.

With the help of its Pattern Recognition ability, it provides Security Services, like – CCTV Surveillance, Patrolling, Monitoring, and many more.

As security, AI provides amazing results as compared to Humans because of its ability to work 24/7 with high accuracy.

There are various Startups, like – WiJungle which are innovating in the field of Virtual Security Guards using Artificial Intelligence.

9. Factory Worker

Industrial Automation has already started taking the job of Factory Workers.

Most of the task which is done by Factory Worker is repetitive, which can easily be replaced by Industrial Robots.

The main benefit of automation in Industries is that machines can work non-stop at a very low cost which will ultimately boost production.

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