Mac vs PC: In the world of computers, the two tech giants who have covered the majority of the market are Mac and PC.

There is a lot of confusion between Mac and PC, which we are going to clarify for you in this article.

PC stands for Personal Computer. Microsoft Windows has dominated the market of PC. So, if you are a Windows user, then the chances are high that you are a PC User as well.

Mac is also under the category of Personal Computer. However, unlike Regular PC, the hardware and software of Mac are manufactured by a single Company named “Apple”.

There are many other differences between Mac and Regular PC, which we are going to discuss.

So, if you are also confused between Mac vs PC and you are looking forward to choosing the best Computer for yourself, then this article is for you.

Here are the top 10 differences between Mac vs PC:

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1. Operating System

Operating System is one of the most enduring differences between Mac and PC.

Mac Computers use Operating System named “OS X“. On the other hand, the majority of the PC are using “Windows Operating System“.

Since all the hardware and software in Mac Computer are built or manufactured by a single company named “Apple”. So, it becomes very stable.

On the other hand, In PC, most of the hardware we use is from different companies. So, here the Machine becomes less stable as compared to Mac Computer.

Another important point to notice here is that you can run any Operating System (OS X, Windows, Linux) on Mac Computer using Software’s, like – VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop, and VMWare Fusion.

However, you cannot run Mac OS X on a PC. Here, you will not find any support for running Mac OS X, which is a downside to using a PC.

2. Hardware Choices

In PC, you will get more control over the hardware of your Machine. You can use different hardware of different brands and assemble your PC on your own.

However, with Mac, you are left with very limited options. You can’t use the hardware of any other brand.

So, here you are forced to use the Mac hardware only.

So, if you are looking for flexibility and want an easy way to upgrade your machine in the future, then you should go with a PC.

3. The Software in Mac vs PC

Traditionally, there was a perception among Windows and Mac Users, that Windows is used for business purposes only and the Mac is used by creative professionals, like – Photo Editor, Video Editor, or Graphic Designer.

However, now there is hardly any difference in the type of work you can do on Mac and PC.

This was only possible with the increase in the number of developers in the past years.

Now, there are lots of software available for both platforms. With the arrival of Cloud Software (like – Gmail, YouTube, Dropbox), anyone can access the software, independent of the device or platform they are using.

Since the popularity and the user base of Windows is much higher than Mac. So, the developers also give first preference to Windows OS instead of Mac OS X.

So, usually whenever any software gets released in the market. You will more likely see the Windows version of that software only. However, after the success of that software, it will get released for Mac OS X as well.

So, if you are a Mac user, you might experience a lack of software’s as compared to Windows users.

The other important difference between Mac vs PC is that majority of Windows Software is free. On the other hand, most of the Software available for Mac are Paid Software.

4. User Interface

When it comes to User Interface, both Mac and PC are equally good.

However, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to tinker or change the interface of its machine and just want to get the job done. Then Mac is for you.

On the other hand, PC is for the more complex task and you can perform several customizations in Windows or Linux OS and you will get more control over your device as compared to Mac OS X.

Both PC and Mac are equally User-Friendly and you will not find any issue with the usability in both of the platforms.

5. Gaming in Mac vs PC

Here is the other most prominent difference between Mac vs PC, which is Gaming.

Windows is a clear-cut winner when it comes to gaming. The majority of the games are built for Windows Platform only.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Windows in the gaming community. Some of them are the popularity of Windows OS, availability of Hardware Choices, and the ease of upgrading the hardware in PC.

So, if you are a hardcore gamer, then you should go with a PC.

6. Market Share

Approximately 90% of the market share is dominated by the PC and left 10% of the market share is covered by the Mac.

With time, the popularity and market share of Mac Computer is also increasing.

However, for now, Windows is a clear-cut winner, when it comes to Market Share.

7. Security in Mac vs PC

According to netmarketshare, 87.56% of the OS Market Share is dominated by Windows Operating System and only 9.54% of the computers are using Mac OS X.

Since, Windows OS is much more popular as compared to Mac OS X. So, Hackers usually target Windows Operating Systems only and the number of viruses created for Windows is also much more compared to Mac OS X.

In Mac, one can’t install the software from an unverified source. However, On PC, you can install the software of an unverified developer very easily.

So, the chances of getting malware on PC is very high as compared to Mac Computer.

As we know both the hardware and software of Mac are build by Apple Company only. So, Mac is very stable and the security loopholes in it are also less as compared to PC.

So, if Security is your concern, then you should go with Mac Computer.

8. Speech and Touch

Windows comes with a Speech-Recognition Engine named “Cortana”, whereas, In Mac, you will see the Voice Assistant named “Siri”.

Both are quite efficient and accurate when it comes to voice recognition.

When it comes to the touch feature, Windows has done an amazing job, and many devices support the Touch Screen facility with the help of the Windows Operating System.

However, Mac doesn’t have any Touch Screen facility till now.

So, if the Touch facility is your priority, then you should go with PC only.

9. Customer Support

Since Apple is the company that builds all the hardware and software for Mac Computers. So, resolving the issues or errors is much easier on Mac.

There are several Apple Stores available in every city and the Customer Care support for Mac is also quite satisfactory.

Usually, Apple provides its customer with a facility of one-on-one audio or video call for resolving their issues.

So, if you are a Mac user, you will not find any problem related to Customer Support.

However, In PC, since hardware and software are of different companies. So, you have to face a lot of problems in case of any hardware or software failure.

There are not many brands available on the PC, which can give the Customer Care support even close to Apple’s Customer Support.

So, here you might have to go to different local shops to resolve your problem.

However, one point to note here is that the Customer Support of Apple is not free (only the first 90 days are free) and you have to pay for the appointment with the Customer Care of Apple.

10. Price of Mac vs PC

Comparing Mac vs PC based on Price is not a fair comparison.

This is because Mac comes with very few hardware and software options as compared to PC.

For the PC user, the availability of different hardware and software are enormous.

Unlike a PC user, the Mac user cannot assemble the computer on their own.

So, for a fair comparison, we will only compare Mac with another Mac Computer.

The price of the Apple MacBook Air is $1043 and the Apple MacBook Pro price is $2567.

On the other hand, the price of a PC can be as low as $135 and can go to as high as $13500.

Hope you like the article on Mac vs PC. We also have a article on Linux vs Windows, which you must take a look at.

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