Python vs Java: In the world of modern era, Programming is one of the most important skill you must have.

During your Programming Journey, you will realize that different Programming Languages have different uses and one should choose the technology or Programming Language based on their Interest and requirements.

So, before jumping in Programming, you should wisely choose the Programming Language you want to go with.

In Internet, if you will search for top Programming Language, the chances are that you will get Python or Java in your search result.

Now the important question is Out of Python and Java, which Programming Language is best for you.

In this article, we will consider top 10 parameters on the basis of which you can make your choice between Python and Java.

Here are the top difference’s between Python vs Java:

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1. Statically Typed vs Dynamically Typed

In a Programming Language, if a type of variable is checked at Compile time, then that Language is Statically Typed Language.

On the other hand, if a type of variable is checked at runtime, then that language is Dynamically Typed Language.

So, the Python is Dynamically Typed Programming Language, as in Python the variable is checked at runtime and there is no need to define the data type of any variable.

On the other side, Java is Statically Typed Programming Language, as in Java the variable is checked at compile time and you Java to define the data type of a variable while its declaration.

2. Compiled vs Interpreted Language

Java is a compiled Programming Language, which means that in Java your code will firstly get into Machine Code and then the execution will start.

On the other hand, Python is a Interpreted Programming Language which means that in Python, your code will directly execute line by line until it encounter any error in your code.

3. Speed of Python vs Java

When it comes to speed and performance of the Programming Language, Java is a clear winner.

As we have already seen that Java is a Statically Typed and Compiled Programming Language.

On the other hand, Python is a Dynamically Typed and Interpreted Programming Language. So, as a result Java is much Java is much faster as compared to Python.

4. Code Length

Length of the Code is one of the most important and influential difference between Java and Python.

Let’s take an example of Hello World Program.

Hello World Program in Java:

class JavaProgramExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
       System.out.println("Hello World Example");

Hello World Program in Python:

print('Hello World Example')

As you can see for writing simple Hello World Program in Java, we have to write so much lines of code.

On the other hand, same Hello World Program is written in Python in just one line.

5. Indentation in Python vs Java

In Programming, Indentation are referred to as a Blank Spaces used from the right most of the code editor.

So In Java, Indentations are ignored and curly braces ( {} ) are used for creating a block of code.

On the other hand, In Python Indentation are very important and are used for creating a block of code.

6. Semicolon in Python vs Java

Missing Semicolon

As we already know that Missing Semicolon is the root cause of majority of the error in Programming.

When comparing the syntax of Python and Java, Semicolon is another most important thing you must take into consideration.

In Java, it is compalsary to use semicolon, otherwise you will get lot’s of errors in your screen.

On the other hand, you don’t have to use semicolon in Python, which is lot more convenient for Programmers.

7. Practical Application

Real World Applications of a Programming Language is another most important parameter to be consider, while choose any Programming Language.

Both Python and Java have a lots of real world applications.

Java is used for Android Application Development, Web Applications, Big Data, Internet of Things, Game Development and Desktop Applications.

On the other side, Python is used for Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT, Cyber Security, GUI and Game Development.

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8. Jobs and Salary

As the Java tagline says, “Java is Everywhere” and lot’s of project’s are already built on it. So, you will not find any scarcity of jobs related to Java.

The average salary of Java Developer in United States is $104474.

On the other hand, Python is a modern Programming Language and have a lots of scope in future as well.

There are number of companies which are switching to Python and lot’s of projects are already built on it.

So, the jobs availability of Python is lot more than any Programming Language.

The average salary of Python Developer in United States is $118765.

9. Standard Library

Both Python and Java have lots of Standard Libraries available.

However, On performing a deep comparison between Python and Java, you will came to know that Python has more number of Standard Libraries as compared to Java.

10. Community Support

Since, both the languages are quite popular and resourceful, so you will not find any lack of online resource for learning them.

There are plenty of forums, blogs and free video courses available for learning Python and Java Programming Language.

So, both Python and Java have a great community support.

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