React vs Angular: JavaScript is one of the most easy and powerful Programming Language to learn.

The another specialty of JavaScript is its amazing frameworks.

There are number of framework available for JavaScript, which make the whole development process much easier and simple.

If you are a JavaScript developer, learning a good JavaScript framework is the step, which will skyrocket your career for sure.

There are so many framework available. So, most of us get confused while choosing the best framework for their application.

Nowadays, the 2 most popular frameworks in JavaScript, which are React JS and Angular.

So, the important question arise is which one you should go with.

Angular is the powerful framework which is managed by Google. The primary use of Angular is to create a Single Page Application.

It is very popular framework, which is used by many big companies, like – Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, YouTube, Paypal and many more.

React JS is the another most popular framework nowadays. It was developed by Facebook.

The main use of React JS is to create an amazing front end for the big scale applications.

React JS make use of virtual DOM for it UI, which makes it very fast and efficient as well.

We will take a deep look at both of these framework, so you can choose the best framework for your application accordingly.

Here are the Top 9 differences between React vs Angular:

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1. React vs Angular: Library and Framework

The main difference between React JS and Angular is that React is a library whereas Angular is a full fledged Framework.

There is a much difference between Library and Framework.

So, if you are creating an application with JavaScript and you want to add a feature, like – updating a special section or component of your application without updating the whole page or application.

Then you can import the React JS library to add this functionality in your Application.

But unlike React, Angular is a Framework. So, Angular will create the complete structure for your Application.

It can handle number of components of your application. You can’t use Angular to just add single functionality to your Application.

As Angular is a framework, so it is responsible for performing all the management, like – Storage Management, Client-Server Request Management, State management and many more.

2. React vs Angular: Popularity

When it comes to popularity, React JS is way more popular than Angular.

As in GitHub, React JS got 141k stars and 26.8k contributions, whereas Angular has 55.1k GitHub Stars and 15.2k contributions.

With this, you can easily estimate the popularity of React JS and Angular.

3. React vs Angular: Mobile Solutions

You can create the Mobile Application with the help of React JS as well as Angular.

In Angular, the Ionic Framework is used for creating Hybrid Applications. Since, it will be Hybrid App, so the Application may get slow as well.

Whereas in React JS, the React Native Framework is used for creating Native Applications. Native App are very fast as compared to Hybrid App.

4. React vs Angular: Languages Used

In React JS, the languages used are JavaScript and JSX. Whereas in Angular, the languages used are TypeScript, JavaScript and HTML.

5. React vs Angular: Resources

As React JS is much popular compared to Angular. So, the community support of React JS is much better than Angular.

You will not find any lack of resources while learning and debugging in React JS.

But it doesn’t means that the community support of Angular is not good. You will find number of resource for Angular as well.

6. React vs Angular: Learning Curve

React JS is much easy to learn as compared to Angular.

While learning Angular, many of the developers find it a really tough job and a much time consuming process.

This is because the prerequisite of learning Angular is way more than React JS.

So, if you are a beginner, it will be hard for you to learn Angular. So, you should definitely go with React JS, as it is more easy and simple to learn.

If you want to create your application fast or in less time, then React JS is for you.

Best Course

-> Best Course for learning React: React – The Complete Guide 2024 (incl. React Router & Redux)

-> Best Course for learning Angular: Angular – The Complete Guide (2024 Edition)

7. Top Companies

Some of the top companies using React JS are Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Uber and many more.

The top companies using Angular are Google, Sony, PayPal, YouTube, Apple, Adobe and many more.

8. Jobs Available

Since, React JS and Angular are the two most popular framework in the market. You will not find any scarcity of jobs for these two technologies.

But still when it comes to React vs Angular, the availability of jobs for React JS developer is much higher as compared to Angular developer.

This is because customers nowadays wants the software to be ready as soon as possible, which can be done with React JS.

On the other hands, development in Angular is a much time consuming process.

This is the reason why the demand of React JS developer is increasing.

9. Salary Expectation

The average salary of a React JS Developer in United States is $125, 000.

Whereas the average salary of a Angular Developer in United States is $115, 020.

Hope, you understood the major difference between React JS and Angular. We also have a article on Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript, which you must take a look.

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