SQL vs NoSQL: As we know that Database is used for collecting the information in an organized manner.

Some of the most popular Database Technologies which are used for storing, managing and accessing data are SQL and NoSQL.

Most of the companies either use SQL or NoSQL for managing their Data.

If you are from Computer Science background, then you might be already familiour with these two jargons or terms.

However, for those who are have not idea what SQL or NoSQL is, let’s understand this with the help of a proper definition.

SQL stands for Strutured Query Languages. In relational databases, SQL is used for handling and manipulation of data.

Whereas NoSQL stands for Not Only SQL. It is used for handling, manipulating and retriving the data in a non-relational database.

Now that we know the definition of SQL and NoSQL. Let’s deep dive into the difference between these two technologies and which one is best for you.

Here are the top 10 difference’s between SQL and NoSQL:

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1. SQL vs NoSQL - Category

Before Categorizing the SQL and NoSQL, let’s firstly understand the difference between Relational Database and Non-Relational Database.

Relational Database also known as RDBMS is used for storing and managing data that are related to each other. RDBMS is based on Relational Model.

Whereas Non-Relational Database doesn’t uses Relational Model and follows Flexible Data Model.

So, now that we know what is Relational and Non-Relational Database. Let’s see in which category SQL and NoSQL Data Structure falls off.

SQL follows Relational Database Management System whereas NoSQL follows Non-Relational Database.

2. Scalability

SQL uses Vertical Scaling, which means that to increase the computation power you have to increase the size of Single Server or Database.

Whereas NoSQl uses Horizontal Scaling, which means that to increase the computation power you can increase the number of Servers instead of relaying on Single Server.

3. Schema

Schema is a collection of Database objects, which decides the logical structure of the Database.

So, when it comes to SQL, it uses predefined schema. On the other hand, NoSQL uses dynamic schema for the Database.

4. SQL vs NoSQL - Type

SQL uses tables for storing, retrieving and managing the data. So, basically SQL is a Table based Database.

On the other hand, NoSQL can be of 4 types, which are Key-value stores, Graph Databases, Document Databases or Column-oriented Databases.

5. Hierarchical Data Storage

In Database, Hierarchical Data Storage is a Database Model which follow parent-child relationship or tree-like structure.

So, when it comes to SQL, it is not best suited for Hierarchical Data Storage. Whereas NoSQL is best suited for Hierarchical Data Storage.

6. Query Language

For all the SQL Databases, the query language we use is SQL(Structured Query Language).

On the other hand for NoSQL, there is no specific query languages and basically the language which is used for handling the data in NoSQL is called UnQL(Unstructured Query Language).

7. Complex Queries

SQL is best for working with complex queries. Whereas NoSQL is not a good option for handling Complex Queries.

The reasons behind this is that SQL Databases are Structured and tables are well organised. So, you can easily run Complex Queries(Example – Nested Queries) here.

On the other hand, NoSQL is a Unstructured Database, so, it is quite difficult to run complex queries here.

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8. SQL vs NoSQL - Property

SQL Database follows ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) Model.

On the other hand, the model which NoSQL Database follows is Base(Basically Available, Soft State, Eventually Consistency) Model.

9. Community Support

As we know that SQL is older than NoSQL. So, the community support of SQL is way more than NoSQL.

SQL was developed by IBM in 1970s. On the other hand, NoSQL was developed by Carlo Strozzi in 1998.

As a result, you will find lots of forums and communities related to SQL as compared to NoSQL.

10. Example

Some common examples of SQL Database Management System are MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.

On the other hand, some of the popular NoSQL Database Management System are MongoDB, Neo4js, Hbase and many more.

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