Top 5 Things You Should Never Google (You’ve been Warned)

Things you should never Google: Today we will discuss the things you should not search in Google.

Nowadays, we used to think that everything we see on the Internet is authentic, which is not at all true.

Many times we use Google for finding the solution to our problems, which is one of the best Search Engines in the market.

However, sometimes instead of solving the problem it shows you the insane results which turns your small problem into a much bigger one.

We should not blindly trust the Internet, as it is just a search engine and shows you the websites registered in their Server, doesn’t matter whether the information is authentic or not.

Let’s discuss some of the things which you should not search on Google.

If you search for these things. Maybe you will have to face great health or wealth loss.

So, I recommend you to read the full article, so that you will be safe from all the mishappening going over the Internet.

Here are the Top 5 Things You Should Never Search in Google:

1. Googling Symptoms and Searching for Medicine​

Googling Symptoms and Searching for Medicine

You should never search for medicine in Google. If you are suffering from any disease, you should not read about it on the Internet.

We should understand that Google is not a doctor and it doesn’t always provide the 100% authentic information.

For example – If you have a pimple, it may show you the pimple as a symptom of skin cancer, which is not at all correct.

You will not find the solution to your disease on the Internet and it will be more dangerous if you took a medicine suggested by Google.

If you are facing any disease or sickness you should go to a doctor instead of searching the symptoms and medicine on Google.

2. Online Banking Website​​

Online Banking - Things You Should Never Google

You should never search for any banking website in Google.

Usually when we don’t know the exact link of the bank website. We used to type the bank name in Google to access the website of a particular bank.

But we should know that hackers are creating phishing websites of the same bank you are searching for.

Hackers create the website with the domain name which looks like the official bank domain name.

So, the chances are that you may get the phishing website or fake website in your search result when you are searching for a bank website on the Internet.

If you provide any information to that phishing website then there are high chances of you getting hacked or Data Breach.

The safest method to access the official bank website is to ask the bank for their website link and then access the website.

3. Financial Advice​​

Financial Advice - Things You Should Never Google (1)

You should avoid taking financial advice from Google. Like – where I should invest my money or In which stock I should invest.

As there are many scammers on the Internet nowadays or maybe the information is outdated or not according to the current market situation.

So, if you invest your money, only by asking Google. Then maybe you will face a huge loss.

So, you should avoid Google for any financial advice.

4. Android Applications​

Android Applications

You should never search for the App in Google to download it.

For example – If you want WhatsApp, then you should not type in Google “WhatsApp Download” to download the WhatsApp application.

If you want any application, then you should directly use Play Store and download the official and authentic application from there.

As Play Store is the official store to download the applications for your android device.

There are many hackers, who can build the Android Application and put them on Google.

So, if you are downloading your application by using Google, then chances are that you are using a fake application which can be full of virus.

Hackers can steal your information or spy on you for their profit, which means your mobile phone is hacked.

So, you should avoid downloading the application from Google Search Engine.

5. Government Website or Scheme​​

Government Website or Scheme

We should avoid searching the Government Scheme or Website on Google.

There are many fake or duplicate sites of Government websites available.

Many bloggers make the website on the Government schemes to get the traffic on their blog.

So, when you search for any Government scheme in Google. The fake website also shows in the result.

The chances are that the information provided by them is incorrect or outdated or in some cases, they may steal your data as well.

So, you should always use the official Government website for authentic information.

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