Top Programming Languages to learn 2020

List of Top Programming Languages to learn in 2020 – Programming is one of the most lucrative career now a days. There is a high need of good programmers in upcoming years. As we can see that technology is changing drastically after every year.

To cope with the changes in Programming Industry, you should have the knowledge of best resourceful Programming Languages currently used in Tech Industries.

So, today we will take a deep look at top Programming Languages which you can learn in 2020 and skyrocket your career. I have sorted list of top Programming Languages you can learn.

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Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

  1. Python – Python is a multi purpose Programming Language. Python is mostly used for web development and data analysis. With python data analysis becomes so easy that you can build a neural network or machine learning model without knowing the algorithm and mathematics behind it.

    Python comes with huge set of libraries which makes complex tasks very easy. Python is the most common Programming Language among the beginners and advance Programmers because of its easy to read syntax. It is among one of the most powerful programming languages.

    The social media platform like – Instagram & Pinterest are build on Python. So, Python will surely boom in 2020 and you must learn it. For complete information visit here.
  2. JavaScript – JavaScript is the omnipresent language in web. It is not only used in front end but back end as well. Nowadays, JavaScript is heavily used in Machine Learning, Application Development and Game Development as well.

    There are number of libraries available in JavaScript which makes development very easy. The most popular code editor “VS Code” is build using JavaScript. Therefore, it is one of the most resourceful Programming Language you should learn in 2020.

  3. Java – Java is the object oriented Programming Language. It is the language which is heavily used for Android Development. Java is used for server side scripting as well as for Application or Software Development.

    Java is completely object oriented programming language. So, if you want to deep dive into object oriented programming and nourish your skills , Java is best for you. For complete information visit here.
  4. C/C++ – C and C++ is the first Programming Language we usually learn in our collage days. If you are starting into Programming and want to build a strong foundation in Programming and Computer Science, then you should definitely go with C/C++ language.

    C and C++ is one of the most powerful and fast Programming Language. Therefore, C++ is widely used for game development as a small delay in game can ruin the whole gaming experience.

  5. Go Lang – Go Lang is one of the modern and popular Programming Language nowadays. Golang is managed and maintained by Google. In some extends, Golang is even better as compared to python. As Google have made it full of resources and easy to read syntax. In future, Google will use it in its majority of projects as well.

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Again the importance of Programming Language completely depends upon, for the purpose you are using it. For example – If you want to do Web Development, then JavaScript will be more appropriate for you, instead of going with C or C++. So, choose your Programming Language wisely.

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