What is DevOps

Majority of the people who are getting into programming field are bit confused about this buzz term “DevOps”.

Today, we will deep dive into DevOps, What does it means, why it’s necessary and how you can expertise in it.

Imagine, you want to create a website or application for your business. For this, you hired a team which will create a website or application for you. The team is divided into two: Development team and operation team, based on the type of work they perform.

Development team will be responsible for developing or creating the actual product. Development team will handle all the coding and testing part of the software development cycle.

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Operation team is responsible for the deployment of the product. It means, all the server management work and choosing the best hardware specifications like – RAM, processing power and so on.

But as we know that Development and Operation work are opposite and both work in a segregated environment. So, it become quite difficult for one team to understand the requirements of another team.

For example – Until and unless the development team ready their product. The operation team can’t start their work as they have no knowledge about the software product. Hence, the production process gets slow.

Here, comes the need of DevOps.

What is DevOps


DevOps is a practice of combining Development team and Operational team to work in a flow state without any issue. DevOps helps in making the Development team and Operational team to work in proper manner without any misinterpretation.

Without DevOps the process will be much tedious. Now as a solution of this, DevOps is introduced. DevOps is responsible for making the development team and operation team requirements fulfill.

As it works like a chain or interpreter between Development and Operation team. This boost up the overall the process very much.

Why DevOps is necessary

DevOps is a necessary segment of Software Development Life Cycle. Without DevOps the Software Development will become much harder.

Suppose the case in which DevOps is missing in the Software Development Cycle. Then it will be very hard for the development team and Operation team to work in a collaboration.

As the operation team had to wait until the development team gets ready with their product and then they can deploy the product. But what if the Development and Operation team work in parallel.

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It means the Development and Operation team will work together which will speed the deployment process and make the overall development process much more simple. This is the main objective of DevOps.


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