What is Django

What is Django: No matter in which development field you are in. There will be a time where you have to create a website or web app. Then for backend part, you are left with many options. Like – Either you can create a website from scratch or you can make use of frameworks which will make your task much easy and fast.

If you are a python programmer and looking for a backend framework for your website or application, then Django is for you. With this, you can create your website or web app full of features like – heavy content management, login system, comment system and able to manage huge traffic as well.

Django will let you create a complete website from scratch very easily. As it consist of various components used for handling and performing different operations. So, by using Django, the development process become very fast, as you don’t have to create each and every component from scratch. It can handle large number of real time user very efficiently as well.

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What is Django

As we know that framework is a set of libraries which provides various functionality to perform certain task very easily, which otherwise requires number of lines of code. So, instead of creating something from scratch, we make use of frameworks.

Similarly, there is a framework for web development especially for backend, which is Django. It makes web development so easy and fast, that you can add many advance functionality to your website getting into it complexity.

Django is the web framework or we can also call it as a backend framework used for creating efficient and attractive websites or web apps very easily. It is built on python, so if you already know python, then it will be more favorable and easy for you to learn.

Advantages of using Django

There are many advantages of using Django over other frameworks. Some of them are:

  1. Fast – The Developer have built Django by keeping in mind that it should be easy and fast enough to code in. That is why there are various libraries provided so, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or built the product from scratch.

  2. Security – When it comes to security, Django is the framework you should go with. It will prevent your website or app from most of the attacks like – SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, Clickjacking and many more.

  3. Admin Panel – Django comes with the built-in administration panel, which makes development much easy and fast. As you don’t have to create a separate admin panel for handling the backend.
  4. Scalable – It doesn’t make whether you are a single person or running a company. You can use Django on any type of project and in future if you want to scale your project to bigger one, then you can easily extend it as well.

  5. Good for Data Science and analytics – As we know that Django is built on Python and Python is also best for Data Science and Machine Learning. Therefore, if you want to integrate your project with Machine Learning or run any Data Science operation in it, then you should definitely go with Django.

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Top companies using Django

There are many top websites and applications built with Django. Let’s talk about some of the famous one which we use in our day to day life. This will help you in figuring out the scope of this framework.

  1. Instagram – Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing social media platform. It is built on Python and Django. It is used on the backend of the Instagram and handles more than millions of active users very well.

  2. YouTube – YouTube needs no introduction. It is surely the most popular video sharing platform. There is thousands of videos being uploaded in YouTube every minute. YouTube uses Django for handling this huge database.

  3. Spotify – If you are a music lover and like to listen to songs, then you must have used Spotify as well. One of the popular music service app “Spotify” is also using Django in it’s backend. With python, it becomes much easier to integrate it with Machine Learning. As Spotify heavily uses Machine Learning for choosing the right music for its users.

  4. Dropbox – Dropbox is a online storage platform which is used for storing files, photos, audio and video online. So, you can access it from anywhere or anytime. Dropbox is also built on Django which make it’s development very fast.

  5. Disqus – Disqus is the most popular comment system used in blogs or websites. So, if you have a blog or website, you can use Disqus for interacting with your audience as well. Disqus is a platform which is built completely with Django. Now can estimate the power and efficiency of it.

How can you Learn Django Online

There are many ways or sources for learning Django. You can either follow a blog or YouTube channel.

But the best and fastest way to learn it is by creating an actual website or web app. For this, You can find various paid courses online which will help you in mastering Django.

But if you want an exclusive course on Django for free, let me know in the comment section below and I will put the link in my next post for sure.


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