What is JavaScript used for: JavaScript is one of the Top Programming Language which you should learn to skyrocket your career.

JavaScript is the multi-purpose Programming Language as it is used in the multiple domains.

Most of the programmer still think that it is only used for front-end development or for client side scripting, which is not completely true.

Nowadays, JavaScript is also used on Server Side or you can say for Back-end Development. Thanks to Node.js framework.

So, it is also capable of doing all the things that a server side language like – PHP or Python can do.

Today, we will take a deep look at various advantages of learning JS and the things you can build with the help of it.

So, let’s start with the JavaScript Definition.

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What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a object oriented programming language which is primarily used for building interactive and dynamic web pages or web apps.

To create any website, we make use of number of languages and technologies.

However, for front-end development, we basically use 3 languages which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Out of them, JavaScript is the language which is used to make a web page interactive and dynamic.

Without it, all the website will be static and will not be much user interactive and user engaging.

So, despite the fact that it is majorly used for Web Development. There are far more exiting things you can build with it.

Some of the examples of JavaScript in Websites are when you click or hover to a button, the color of button changes or if you see a loading animation in a website, it is done with the help of JS.

Every browser is integrated with a JavaScript Engine, which is responsible for detecting a JS code in any web page.

What is JavaScript used for?

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should learn JavaScript in 2024:

1. Web Development

JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript is primarily used for creating interactive web pages. With the help of it, there are number of amazing things you can do with your web page.

For example – creating an animation or various other widgets like – timer, audio, video, drop down menu and many more.

2. Game Development

Game Development

If you want to improve your JavaScript skills, then developing a game with it is the best way to practice your Coding Skills.

Nowadays, online browser based games are also in great demand. So, with JS you can create amazing cool game which will be running in your browser.

Best Course:

-> Best Course for learning JavaScript – The Complete JavaScript Course 2024: From Zero to Expert!

3. Mobile App Development

JavaScript Mobile App Development

Over 66.77% of the people are using Mobile Phone. With this, the amount of the Mobile Applications are drastically increasing over the year.

Traditionally, the Mobile Application Development is done by using their official language, like – Java or Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

However, now with JS, you can create an application for multiple platforms with the same code.

So, by using JavaScript framework like – PhoneGap or React Native, you just have to write one code base for creating applications for multiple platforms like – Android or iOS.

4. Server App Development

Server App Development

As you know that JavaScript is used for front-end development. But the thing which makes it more exciting is that it is used for developing server and server side applications.

With the help of Framework like – Node.js, you can do complete Back-end Development or Server Side Scripting.

5. Building VR Application

JavaScript Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the skills which are in great demand nowadays.

Now, with the help of JS Framework you can develop your own Virtual Reality as well.

You can create a VR based web application with the help of React VR. So, now you can create a Virtual Reality experience by using JavaScript as well.

6. Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Tensorflow is the machine learning library, which is used for developing Machine Learning applications.

Now, with the arrival of Tensorflow.js(JS Framework), you can do Machine Learning with JavaScript.

So, JavaScript is becoming popular in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as well.

JavaScript Code Example

Since, we know that 1 example is better than 1000 words and to learn any Programming Language, we should firstly start with the examples.

So, here we will take a look at a JS Code example to create an Alert Dialog.

        var a = 8;
        var b = 6;
        var add = a + b;
JavaScript Code Example

As a Output, you will see a Alert Dialog Box with no. 14 inside it.

Top JavaScript Frameworks

Here are the top 5 JavaScript Frameworks available:

  1. Node.js – With the arrival of Node.js, JavaScript is heavily used as a Server Side Scripting Language.
  2. React – React is the amazing framework by which you can create applications for multiple platforms like – Android and iOS with the same code base.
  3. Angular – Angular is the another framework which you can use to create cross platform applications. The difference between React and Angular is that React is Library, whereas Angular is a Framework.
  4. Electron – With Electron JS, you can create applications for desktop by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How to learn JavaScript

Before learning JavaScript, I would recommend you to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Now, after you have a knowledge of HTML and CSS. You are good to go with JavaScript.

You can start by creating a dynamic web page. For this, you can follow any of the tutorial available on the Internet.

If you are looking forward to learn JavaScript from complete Scratch to the Advanced Level. Then, I would recommend you to go the course named “JavaScript: Getting Started“, which is available in Pluralsight.

Now, It’s time to choose a particular platform or technology for which you want to create an application.

For example – You can go with front-end development, back-end development, Mobile App development, AR/VR development or Machine Learning.

So, you have to choose your favorite technology and learn the particular Framework accordingly.

Hope you like the article and understood the 6 reasons why you should learn JavaScript.

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