What is Python Used For: Python is a multi-purpose high level Programming Language. There are many application areas of Python.

It is one of the top Programming Language to learn in 2023. There are many reasons behind it, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Python is heavily used in Machine Learning, Web Development, IoT, Cyber Security, Scripting, Automation, Hacking and in many more areas.

The important thing to note is that Python is very easy to learn Programming Language. You can easily read and write Python code.

So, if you are a beginner and want to start your Programming journey. Then it is the Programming Language you should go with.

The syntax of Python Language is very simple. For example – In other Programming Languages, we have to write 3-4 lines of code to print Hello World Program. However, With Python you can do so with just one line of code.

There are number of resources freely available for you by which you can easily learn it.

However, if you are still confused that whether you should learn Python or not. Then this article is for you.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should learn Python and What is Python used for:

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1. Web Development

The roadmap for learning web development is basically divided into parts. First is Front-end Development and second is Back-end Development.

As you know that for Developing a website, the Languages like – HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used.

These languages are used for Front-end only. These languages will define the way your website will look and work only on Front-end or Client side.

However, out of these JavaScript is used for front-end as well as back-end development.

There are many other languages or technology for Back-end or Server side as well which will basically helps in connecting your website to the database server. This will decides how fast and efficient your website will be.

Despite the fact that PHP is the Programming Language which is used for Back-end Development only.

Python is also getting huge popularity and recognition among Web Developer across the world.

The reason is that there are some flaws is PHP which are overcome by Python.

PHP is much prone to vulnerability. You have to manually create security for your website in PHP.

However with Python framework like – Django, you will get the built-in support against various vulnerability and attacks.

With Python web framework, Web Programming becomes very easy.

When it comes to Web Development with Python, you left with the two option which are Django and Flask.

Both are great framework for Web Development and provide the features that you will not get in any other Programming Language(PHP).

However, if we compare Flask and Django from speed point of view. Then Flask is faster than Django.

If you are a beginner then you should go with Django. With Django, web development becomes very easy as there are number of built-in modules which makes web development very fast and easy as well.

Popular Frameworks: Some of the most popular framework available for Web Development using Python are Django, Flask, web2py, CherryPy, Pyramid and any more.

Salary: Average salary of Web Developer in United States is $59, 229.

2. Machine Learning and Data Science

With Python, implementation of complex logic become very easy.

For data science, Python is the best Programming Language as it comes with different useful libraries which helps in performing scientific calculations and computation on data very easily. Like – pandas, numpy, matplotlib and many more.

With numpy, you can perform complex calculations very easily.

That is the reason, Python is the favorite language of most researchers and scientists across the world.

In data science, most of the time we have to deal with CSV files. So, pandas is the library which helps in manipulation and analysis of CSV files.

Basically, all the operation which you can do in Excel or Spreadsheet, you can do that in pandas as well.

Now, despite the fact that Machine learning is the subset of Data Science. It is among the top technology you should learn to skyrocket your career.

The first and most important requirement for Machine Learning to work is Data, lots and lots of data.

Without sufficient amount of data, you cannot implement Machine Learning.

Python have number of pre-built libraries and framework which makes ML and AL very easy.

One of the popular framework is Tensorflow. Tensorflow have pre-trained models which makes Machine Learning really easy.

Now, most of you have many questions or queries related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Therefore, we have created a separate article on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which you must visit.

Popular Libraries: Some of the most popular libraries available for Machine Learning and Data Science are Tensorflow, PyTorch, Theano, OpenCV and many more.

Salary: Average Salary of Machine Learning Engineer in United States is $110,930.

3. Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a growing technology and have a huge demand in future as well.

Basically, IoT is the technology which helps in connecting different devices to each other to create a smart network.

There are number of real world applications of IoT. We have a dedicated article on that too.

Now, if you are into IoT, you must have heard of Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a small chip and like a mini computer, which is basically able to perform every task which your computer can do.

It is really beneficial for you to have a knowledge of Raspberry Pi, if you want to get into IoT.

All the libraries of Raspberry Pi are created in Python and are much compatible for creating applications in Python as well.

Python is also popular in the field of Network Programming.

So, if you want to make your career in IoT, then Python is the language you should go with for sure.

Popular Libraries: Most popular libraries available for IOT are NumPy, Matplotlib, Tkinter, pandas, OpenCV and many more.

Salary: Average Salary of IoT Engineer in United States is $101,000.

4. GUI and Game Development

Python comes with a lots of toolkit which helps in developing GUI for desktop as well as other platforms.

Some of the most popular Python GUI Development toolkit are Tkinter, Jython, wxPython and PyQt.

Now, if you are wondering that how does these toolkit actually work inside the hood.

Let me tell you that these toolkit like – Tkinter comes with the lot’s of built-in modules which basically make a call to your OS kernel. Then OS respond to that request by generating a particular graphic on to the screen.

For a Programmer, creating a good GUI is a worthy skill to learn. As it makes your application or software much more user friendly.

If you have done a Web Development or ever built a website. Then you know that HTML and CSS are used for creating Front-end of your website.

Similarly In software development, GUI framework like – Tkinter and PyQt are used for creating Front-end of your software.

So, if you want to develop Desktop GUI applications, then Python will be a best choice for you.

There are various GUI libraries available in Python which makes GUI Development very easy.

It is really easy and fun to create elegant graphics in Python. With the help of various libraries like – Tkinter, wxPython and Jython.

Still these libraries are not very good choice for Game Development and there are number of good Game Engine available in market.

However, if you want to get into Game Development or want to know how does a game actually works inside the hood, then these Python libraries can be the good start for you.

There is library called pygame, which is dedicated to Game Programming with Python.

Popular Libraries: Some of the most popular libraries available for GUI Development are Tkinter, wxPython, PyQt, Kivy, PySide and many more.

Salary: Average Salary of UI Developer in United States is $75,816.

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5. Cyber Security

It is not mandatory to become hardcore programmer, if you want to get into Cyber Security.

However, The conditions will be much more favorable for you, if you have a basic or intermediary knowledge of programming.

This will help you to know the actual working of a software, so you can find out the bug or do penetration testing on it.

It is interesting to know that Python is the favorite Language of Cyber Security Engineer across the world.

So, if you want to get into Cyber Security, then Python is the language you should go with.

There are number of reasons for choosing Python. One of the reason is that it is very easy to create scripts in Python.

Most of the penetration software are created using Python only.

With Python, you can develop your own script for writing exploits or performing task automation.

Now, majority of the virus or payload you will come across will be created using Python.

So, if you have good knowledge of Python, then it will be much easy for you to crack that virus or payload successfully.

You can also do Web Scraping with Python, which is a necessary skill to analyze any website and detecting flaws in it as well..

Popular Libraries: Some of the most popular libraries available for Cyber Security are Scapy, Impacket, Nmap, Cryptography and may more.

Salary: Average Salary of Cyber Security Engineer in United States is $95,409.

6. Startup and Business

Python is the favorite language among startup and business, because of the versatility of Python programming language.

Since, Python is a multi-purpose or general Programming Language and is one of the most In-demand Freelance Skill. So, you can do multiple task with this language.

With Python, you can create a website and application for your business. It is like a one for all Programming Language.

Therefore, if you are running a Startup and don’t have much money to invest, then It is the language you should go with.

As a single Python Developer can do different tasks for you which ultimately increases the growth of your business.

Hope you like the article about uses of Python Programming Language and get to learn different new things.

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