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Is HTML a Programming Language

Is HTML a Programming Language? Programming vs Markup Languages

Despite the fact that HTML is a Markup Language. Still majority of us have a question in mind that Is a HTML a Programming Language.Most...
What is Python used for

What is Python Used For? 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

What is Python used for: Python is a multi-purpose high level Programming Language. There are many application areas of Python.It is one of the top...
How does a Computer Work

How does a Computer Work: A Deep Look Inside Your Computer

How does a Computer Work: Nowadays, we are surrounded by the computers which helps in performing our day to day work.Every electronic device you use,...
Coding vs Programming

Coding vs Programming: Top 5 Differences You Must Know

Coding vs Programming: There is a lots of misconception between Coding and Programming.Although Coding and Programming are very similar terms and very interchangeably used at...
Programming Jokes on VPN

Programming Jokes: Top 20 Funniest Jokes Only Programmers will get

Programming Jokes: Many of the people think that life of a Programmer is very easy and full of comfort.As whole day, they just have to...
Programming Quotes

Programming Quotes: Top 16 Motivational Quotes on Programming

Programming Quotes: If you are programmer, then at some point you must be craving for the motivation for the consistency in Programming.Most of us search...
How to Learn Programming

How to Learn Programming: 5 Steps to Learn Any Programming Language

How to Learn Programming: Programming is one of the most resourceful skill you should have as a millennial.If you are good at programming, there will...
Top Programming Languages to learn 2020

List of Top Programming Languages to learn in 2020

List of Top Programming Languages to learn in 2020 - Programming is one of the most lucrative career now a days.As we can see that...
Reasons for Learning Coding

Why You Should Learn Coding: 13 Reasons To Learn Programming

Why You Should Learn Coding: If you are starting your Programming journey, then you must have a substantial reasons and motivation to learn Coding.I have...