Top 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 (get good job without college degree)

Top 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

Best Programming Language to learn – If you are a developer or programmer than its very important for you to know the most demanding programming language in 2019 which will get you the good high paying job even without a college degree.

Programming languages are the tools to develop software or applications for the particular technology or platform. The need of the programming language is completely depends on the platform or technology in which it is used.

If the technology is gaining high boost or popularity, then the need of the particular programming language will also increase in market.

The Top 10 Programming Languages list I have compiled is based on the following factors :

  1. Number of job opportunities. If you get a good knowledge of these languages, you can get a good job without a collage degree.
  2. These Programming languages have the large job market. It means these are the highest paying programming languages.
  3. These are the most productive programming languages over the other languages.

Top 10 programming Languages in 2019

Top 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 (get good job without college degree)
  1. Python – Python is a high level dynamic programming language. It is the most easiest programming language to learn.  Python is known for its simplicity .It is so simple that even person who is less familiar with programming can also read the python code.
    On the other hand, it is in huge demand and different companies are using it.  As python is multi purpose programming language and serve all the needs of the companies of software development or management.
  2. JavaScript – Javascript is the most popular language now a days.  It is not only used for web development but also for different purposes like – Desktop apps development, Game development and Machine learning also.  It is in huge demand and if you hold a good grip in this language then the much opportunities are for you.
  3. Java – Java is one of the most popular programming language having the huge community over the world.  It is used for different purposes like – building Android apps, Web app, Desktop app, Server apps and much more.  It is best known for its role in Android development. As there are 72% of phones having Android operating system in them. You can figure out the need of Java developer in future.
  4. Swift – Swift is a programming language of Apple. It is a new language which have covered the large portion of market and will be in high demand.  So, learning Swift is a good choice if you want to become iOS developer.  As the number of iOS developers are not much and the need of the developers are high.
  5. C++ – C++ is not much popular language now a days but still it is one of the most powerful language as compared to others.  Companies still prefer C++ for developing software.
    C++ is also preferred for game development as it gives more access to the developer over memory and process management and used it efficiently. So, definitely it is worth learning.
  6. PHP – PHP is one of the most popular language over the Internet. Over 80% of the website’s are build with the help of PHP.  Most of the people believe that PHP is dying and not much useful now a days. But its completely wrong.  There are still huge need of the PHP developer for development and management of websites over the Internet.
    As you know that more than 60% of the websites are build with WordPress. WordPress is built with the help of PHP.  All the themes and plugin development process in WordPress is done with PHP. So, there is still huge demand of PHP developers.
  7. Golang – Golang is getting much popular among the ones working with Big System or Google Cloud.  Golang is used for building the applications using large amount of data and processing. At the same time, Golang is also used for making websites.  Soon, Android will also use Golang for its application. Now, you can understand the importance of Golang.
  8. C# – C# is most popular programming language designed by Microsoft and used with .NET framework. C# is in high demand.  It is used in Web development, Software development and is very popular in Game development too. So, if you are thinking of learning C# than it is worth learning.
  9. Ruby – If you are into the Web development stuff then you must have heard of Ruby. It is a very popular language among Web developers.  Ruby is used over web applications, database, web servers and much more. Ruby is super easy to learn.  One of the framework of Ruby which is Ruby on Rails is also the major reason for its popularity.
    Ruby on rails is designed to built websites very quickly. Most famous websites like – Twitter uses Ruby on Rails.  Ruby on Rails is also very easy to learn. So, if you are also thinking to make a website or work for the companies related to Web, then it should definitely learn it.
  10. Kotlin – Kotlin is the new official programming language of Android after Java.  As you know that Java is used for Android development but after the Google announcement related to Kotlin.  It become much popular among developers. Google is giving the full support to Kotlin and as a result Java is getting out of frame.  But it doesn’t mean that Java is not used in Android. The power of Java and Kotlin will help in building much more powerful applications.  But the first support of Google will be for Kotlin. So, if you want to become Android developer you should get your hand dirty in Kotlin also.


The compiled list of top 10 programming languages to learn in 2019 is:

  Programming Language Importance
1 Python It is most simple and powerful language. Mostly used in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
2 Javascript One of the most popular programming language. Used for Desktop apps development, Game development and Game development.
3 Java Mostly used for Android application development. Also used for Web development or Server application.
4 Swift Swift is a programming language of Apple. It is in huge demand for iOS application development.
5 C++ C++ is the most popular programming language. Also used for Game development.
6 PHP PHP is one of the most popular programming language over Internet. Most popular CMS which wordpress also uses it.
7 Golang Golang is a programming language developed by Google. It is hugely used for big data and cloud system. Maybe Golang will be used for Android development too.
8 C# C# is very popular among Web developers and used a lot for Web related stuff. It is also used a lot in Game development.
9 Ruby Ruby is also popular language for backend web related stuff. It’s framework which is Ruby on rails is very popular for creating websites very quickly.
10 Kotlin Kotlin is the new programming language of Android. After getting the full support of google to this language for Android development. The need of the kotlin developer is increased.

If you have another language which should be in this list. let me know in the comment section below.


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