Top 5 future technology or computer skills you must know

Top 5 future technology or computer skills you must know

Top future Technology or Computer Skills – Technology is evolving exponentially. The skills which are required an year ago will not be much useful in future. So, it makes much important for you to upgrade your skills or technical knowledge for future.

There are some technologies which will surely boom in future. So, learning it from this year is a good practice to secure your future and get update with the latest technology trend.

Top 5 Future Technology you must know

Top 5 future technology or computer skills you must know

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1. Artificial Intelligence –

Artificial Intelligence is a technology which is already adopted by number of multi-national companies to increase their growth or profit rate.
As you know that Artificial Intelligence gives the ability to machines of thinking and learning from their experiences. It makes easy for us to interact with machines now.
Lots and lots of data is now processed in few seconds with the help of Machine Learning(Artificial Intelligence).  Beside this Artificial Intelligence have lots of other applications which makes our life very easy.

2. Blockchain –

Blockchain is a technology which uses distributed database for transaction and holding record while ensuring security and transparency.
Blockchain was first invented for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But now used for many different purposes as a secure network.
Blockchain is called distributed database as the data or record is not stored only in a particular computer or server.  Here, data is stored in number of computers simultaneously, which guarantees the flow of information over the network even if number of computers stopped working simultaneously in the network.
Blockchain makes very hard for hackers to hack the data as they have to hack all the computers in the network at the same time.

3. Quantum Computing –

Computers today have the ability to perform gigantic calculations in a seconds.  Gradually, the size of the computer is decreasing and the computation speed is increasing.  Now a days, mobile phones have much larger computation power than the military computers 50 years ago.
But still computer today have number of limitations. Like – computation speed, storage capacity. Here, comes the role of Quantum Computers.
As we know computers uses bits (0 or 1) for performing the computation. But Quantum Computers on the other hand uses qubits (0 or 1 or both) for its computation.  It means qubits can be in 0 state or 1 state or 0 and 1 both at the same time. The functionality of the qubits is based on the concept of superposition phenomenon in quantum physics.  Therefore, Quantum Computers have the much higher computation capability as compared to normal computer.
Quantum Computers are the future of computer and it is worth learning about it. As number of companies like -Google, IBM are working on it and making it reliable for normal use.

4. Edge Computing –

The concept of Edge Computing is taken from the Cloud Computing. As we know that IOT (Internet of Things) is booming in market.  Soon we will be seeing our Refrigerator, Microwave, AC and much more gadgets connecting to the Internet and exchanging information.
But there is a communication or information exchange issue in this model. As we you that IOT works on the bases of Cloud Computing.  But what if our gadget is in one country and cloud server is in another country. This will created a much big gap which gave rise to many problems like – delay in data transfer.
In Edge Computing, local server is built near by IOT devices. These local servers will communicate with the cloud severs in the different country and process the urgent things for IOT device.  A direct communication will be setup between local server and IOT devices which will decrease the latency.
It means all the IOT devices will communicate to the Edge Computing and Edge Computing will communicate to the Cloud Computing which will reduce the latency in the network.  So, If you have an interest in IOT and Edge Computing is the future technology you must learn.

5. Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) –

There are number of consoles available in the gaming world. VR (Virtual Reality) is one of them. There are so many games built on VR platform and still booming in the gaming field.
AR (Augmented Reality) is technology by which the computer generated graphics can interact in real time with the users environment or real world.  The most popular game “Pokemon GO” and the social media application “Snapchat” uses AR.
But still there are some limitation on both VR and AR, which give rise to a new technology which is MR (Mixed Reality).
MR (Mixed Reality) is a platform in which user can experience VR and AR at the same time, overcoming the limitations of both VR and AR.  The companies like – Microsoft have already built their MR platform which is Windows Mixed Reality. So, MR will surely boom in the market. Hence, it is worth learning.


Having a good knowledge of the below Technologies is good practice to upgrade your technical skills for future.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Quantum Computing
  4. Edge Computing
  5. Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality)

If you have any suggestion related to this or recommended technology needed to be in this list share your views in the comment section below.

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