Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

Unity vs Unreal – In this article you will get information on Game Engine and comparison between top game engines in market Unity vs Unreal.

What is Game Engine

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

Game Engine are the platform consist of set of tools which makes it very easy for everyone to design and develop the game. Game Engines are used to handle various different components of the games like – Audio, Graphics, Physics, Animation etc.

Game Engines add the abstraction layer and reduces most of the complexity for the developers which helps them to create awesome game in less time and cost.

So, now you have the better understanding of game engine. We should see the uses of game engine for a game developer and then we will see Unity vs Unreal comparison.

Uses and Advantages of Game Engines

Game Engines are made to handle different complexity or components of the game very efficiently. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Rendering – It is the process of converting 3D world or model in 2D or 3D image with the help of special application programs.There are many software like Maya or Blender, which are good in rendering. Game Engine are very good at handling rendering.
  2. Event Handling – Game Engine are built for handling the input from the input devices like – Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick etc and trigger the script or action on the particular event.
  3. GUI – GUI is the graphical user interface of the game and it is very important for the overall looks of the game.All the menu and buttons on the game comes under GUI. Game Engine either have pre-built asset or option to create the custom GUI for the game.
  4. Sound Engine – Sound is the soul of any game. Without sound, the game will look like the movie without audio.We all are aware of the amazing sound of the guns and cars in the games. The functionality of sound engine is already provided in the Game Engines which is very necessary component of any game.
  5. Physics – The games we used to play works on the rules provided by the developer. Like – Every time we jump, shoot the gun or hit a man.The magnitude and the direction of the force should be same as we see in our daily life. This is very important component of the game and called physics component. This is so important that Game Engines are pre-loaded with physics component. This helps in reducing the complexity and putting the life in the game.
  6. Networking – Every time we share the information either between the software component or the hardware component, we make the use of Networking.Nowadays multi-player games are on the trend and everyone loves play with their friends. But inside the hood, there is lot of Networking stuff going on. Modern Game Engines are pretty good in Networking and handles lot of stuff very easily.
  7. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic nowadays. Every new technology is trying in its own level to add artificial intelligence in it.Modern Game Engines are also taking the advantages of artificial intelligence. Many Game are already built using it. Like – Black & White, F.E.A.R. , Halo etc.
  8. Scripting – Scripting is a very necessary and obvious feature offered by every Game Engine. Scripting is used to add the functionality in our game. Every game engine uses its own scripting language. Like- Unity uses C# and JavaScript, Unreal Engine uses C++.

List of Top Free Game Engines Available in Market

1. Unreal Engine –

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

2. Unity 3D –

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

3. Game maker Studio –

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

4. CryEngine –

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

5. Godot Engine –

Unity vs Unreal: Which One is better for you

Unity vs Unreal

Unity and Unreal Engines are the first choice of Indie Game Developers. There are many reasons why you should also go with these Game Engine.

Most of us are also confused between Unity and Unreal Engine. As these are the only free and professional Game Engines available in the market and famous among the Indie Game Developer. So, Here we will discuss which one is best for you and you should go with it.


Unity is the most popular Game Engine among the developers across the world. Unity is very good when it comes to develop 2D Mobile Games.

Unity have various pre-built assets in its asset store which include 3D Models, 2D Sprites, various Animation and Scripts and you will not find any lack of assets in Unity. Unity is good with graphics but if you want great visuals and stunning graphics for you game then probably unity is not for you.

You will not find any lack of resources for learning unity. There are 1000’s of tutorials already present in Internet. Unity has the large community.

Learning from the official unity tutorials and documentation is also a good choice. As it contains all the unity script reference with various examples.

Unity uses C# and Javascript for its scripting. You can create any type of game with unity. It’s only depend on your level of skill you can achieve. You can run unity in Windows and OSX only.

With Unity, games can be developed for Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, Blacberry, Windows Phone and many more. Unity is very simple and easy to use which makes it best choice the beginners.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is known for its stunning graphics. Unreal Engine is used for developing realistic Games. But It is not as good as Unity when it comes to develop 2D Games. Unreal Engine also have the shortage of pre-built assets in its store as compared with Unity.

There are number of resources available in the Internet for one to start learning Unreal Engine but the community is not large enough as compared to Unity. Unreal Engine uses C++ as its scripting language which is comparatively hard and not much are familiar with it.

Unreal Engine have the alternate option for it too, which is Blueprints or Visual Scripting. We can create any type of game using Unreal Engine.

The platforms supported by unreal engine are Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Xbox one, HTML 5, SteamOS, Virtual Reality etc. But Unreal Engine is not as easy and simple as compared to Unity. Unreal Engine is comparatively much complex and professional looking.

Conclusion: Which one is better for you

You must be confused and wondering which one to choose between Unity vs Unreal. So, choosing the right Game Engine varies from person to person according to their needs and goals. Here are some of the factors which will help you a lot in choosing your Game Engine and clarify all your doubts.

  Unity Unreal Engine
1 It is good with graphics but not as good as unreal engine It is used for creating stunning graphics and realistic visuals
2 There is a huge number of online learning resources available for free Here you will also find various online resources and tutorial available for free
3 It uses C# and Javascript for scripting It uses C++ as a scripting language
4 Unity is comprised of massive assets available free in its asset store Unreal Engine have less assets available as compared to unity
5 Unity is free to download and use Unreal is also freely available for download and use
6 All types of games can be created with unity. It is good for mobile game development Here also you can create all type of games. It is good for PC and Console game development
7 With Unity games can be built for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc In Unreal Engine, you can also built games for generally all the platforms available 
8 Unity doesn’t have the feature of blueprint or visual scripting Unreal Engine have the feature of blueprint or visual scripting
9 Unity is very easy and simple to learn and used by beginners also Unreal Engine is more professional looking engine. It is little more complex for the beginners

Hope you like the article and get some knowledge on game engines and resolved your confusion on Unity vs Unreal, which one is better for you.

If you find any problem or have any suggestion, let me know in the comment section below.
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