What is API

What is API and its type

What is API – In this article you will learn about What is API with its type and various examples.

Before learning any new thing it become very easy, if we know the uses and advantages of it in our daily life.

So, lets see some of the uses of API in our day to day life, then we will come to API definition.

We generally use the weather app or website to know the weather details of any place across the world. We also know that there are large number of application and website available which can do this for us.

Even we can also create the same app or website very easily. But how is this possible. We can access the weather details of any place, without any interaction. All this is possible with the help of API.

So, now after getting the idea about API. Lets see actual API definition.

What is API

What is API and its type

API is a set of code or functionality written or created by developer which can be used by anyone to access the features of a particular application, website or technology.

Lets take the example of Google Sign-up feature. We generally see in many website the sign-up with google or login with google option has been included.

Even we can also add this feature very easily without writing the huge code which enables the facility of logging into the app or website.

All we have to do is just take the small line of code and add it in our website or app. And our website or app is ready.

What we have done here is we have taken the API of Google to use the facility of sign-up and login and used in our website and application.
This helps to reduce our work of writing the huge and complex code.

We can also say that API is a code written by someone to use the features of some other application or website.

Till now you must have got the idea of What is API and how it work. Now, lets see some types of API with some popular examples.

Types of APIs

There are many types of APIs available. Some of them are Web service APIs, Hardware APIs, Class bases APIs, Library bases APIs and more. But most popular is Web service APIs. Web service APIs are used for website or application which connect over Internet and used for number of tasks such as payment, social media status update, weather checking and much more.

Most Popular Examples of APIs

  1. Google Maps – Google Map API provides the functionality to add google map on any website or application.
  2. Twitter – Twitter API helps the developer to access the core data of twitter and also provides the feature of searching and displaying trending data.
  3. Facebook – Facebook API let the developer to put their Facebook page snippet on their website or application.
  4. Amazon Product Advertising API – It gives the developer the functionality to put Amazon advertisement of selected products in any website or application.

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