Why smartphones get slow over time and How to speed up your phone ?

Why smartphones get slow over time and How to speed up your phone

Do you find a difference in your smartphone speed, the day you buy it vs now. Most of the smartphones user can relate it and agree with the statement.  

A significant decrease in smartphone speed can easily be noticed after 6 month or year.
But what are the reasons for the difference in performance in smartphones and the step or precautions you should take to speed up your smartphone.
Lets see the Reasons behind the smartphones get slow over time & Steps to take to speed up your smartphone.
Why smartphones get slow over time and How to speed up your phone

1. System Software Updates – 

As you know smartphone brand push their OS updates after regular interval and we tend to install that update for increasing the features and performance of our phone.
But instead of increasing the performance speed, it sometimes slow the smartphones.  This is because some OS updates are not perfectly optimized for your smartphone, which ultimately creates a little sluggishness in your phone.
Now, there are some precautions you should take to get rid from this problem. You should not install the OS updates, without checking the features it provides.  If you really need that update then you should surely install it. Like – If there are some important security updates then you can surely install them.
You should also check the feedback and experience of the other users (in different web form) who install that update and then take your decision.


2. Applications Updates –

Applications are the most important software for any smartphone user. Like – Whatsapp, Instagram and many more.  You get the updates of these applications on regular interval.  But do you know that these updates also plays the major role in slowing your phones performance.

The developers pushes the updates of these applications taking a reference of high-end processors or smartphones in the market.  As new processors or smartphones launches in the market, they upgrade there applications to get good performance in the best smartphones available in the market.

It means these updates work more efficiently in those high-end smartphones. But if you have low or mid-range smartphones, then you can notice the slow down in your phone performance.

The solution of this problem is, you should only update these applications if you really need the feature, the updates are providing.  But if you are satisfied with the current application features, you should not install these updates.  As some updates are only to enhance the user experience. This will help in maintaining your smartphone performance.

3. Unnecessary Applications –

There are number of applications available to download in Application Store. But all the application have some particular purpose.
Now a days, we tend to fill our smartphone with number of applications, which we doesn’t really need or use anymore.  So, they are just killing RAM space and storage or Internal Memory, which decreases the phone performance and increases sluggishness in the phone.
We should only install those applications which we really need and uninstall those unnecessary applications which are not of our use.
But after uninstalling applications, some file or folder still remains in the phone.  These unnecessary files and folders increase the phone storage, which slow down the phone speed. As with increase in storage, reading and writing operation in a file also slow down.
So, the solution of this problem is to reset your smartphone after every 2-3 months later, taking backup of your important data.  This will make sure that your smartphone doesn’t have unnecessary or trash file, which decreases your smartphone performance.


4. Over Storage –

Over storage is also a problem with many smartphones. After taking a new smartphone, we fill it will thousands of photos, songs, videos etc.  As we discussed above, more the storage is filled, more time the smartphone will take on reading and writing of file. This slow down your smartphone very much.
Same is the solution of this problem also. We should reset our phone after every 2-3 month. So that, the storage of the phone doesn’t fill much then it’s normal capacity and work properly.


So, these are the reasons for your smartphone getting slow and steps you can take to boost it up.

  Reasons Precautions
1 OS or System Software Updates Check the feedback or experience of other users who installed the updates on their smartphone. Then take your decision.
2 Application Updates If you have low or mid-range smartphone, Install the Application update if you really need it. Otherwise, don’t install the update.
3 Unnecessary Applications Stop filling your phone with unnecessary applications, which are not in use anymore. These application kills your smartphone RAM and storage space with unnecessary files and folder.
4 Over Storage You should reset your smartphone after every 2-3 months to clear it memory and boost its processing power.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this, let me know in the comment section below.

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