IoT Applications: Internet of Things is one of the most demanding technology nowadays.

Most of us think that only computers or mobile phones can connect to the Internet. But this is not true.

Many devices like – Security Cameras, Cars, and even homes are also connected with the Internet.

You can take an example of Mark Zuckerburg’s house which is a smart home connected with the Internet and run by Artificial Intelligence.

IoT devices work with the help of various sensors connected to the device which are continuously sending and receiving the data over the network.

Nowadays, there is a lot of research going on to combining Artificial Intelligence with IoT.

These 2 technologies(AI and IoT) when combined will put the drastic impact in our life for sure.

Hope you understood the benefits of IoT in our day to day life.

Here are the Top 5 Popular Real World IoT Applications:

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1. Smart Home​ - IoT Applications

Nowadays, whenever we go to the malls, we came to see that doors are automatically opening or closing for us without any human interaction.

All this is possible with the help of IoT. Similarly, there is a lot more possibility, if our house will also be IoT enabled.

Your lights will automatically be turned ON or OFF, whenever you will enter or exit the room.

Let’s imagine that you are at home and using your AC. But suddenly you receive an urgent call from your office and you leave your home without turning off your AC.

So, if your AC is the part of IoT, then you will receive a notification on your smartphone that your AC is ON.

Now, you can directly turn OFF your AC from your smartphone. No matter where you are. All this is possible with the help of IoT.

2. Medical and Healthcare

There are enormous possibilities in the field of Medical and Healthcare with the help of IoT.

Most of us use a fitness band to monitor our blood pressure. A fitness band is one of the applications of IoT in Healthcare.

Lots of research and development is going on in the field of medicine also.

Robots are also been programmed for high accuracy during the operation and there will be very fewer chances of the error during the surgery.

Soon, In hospitals, we will see the robots will be performing all the major operations and surgeries.

3. Environmental Monitoring

Nowadays, it is so easy to know the exact temperature of any city with the help of your smartphone.

A special sensor is installed in every city, which is used to sense the temperature of that place, and your smartphone which is Internet or IoT Enabled can use that data from the sensors to know the weather conditions.

You can know the temperature of that particular place, no matter where you are or what is your location.

4. Self Driving Cars or IOT Enabled Cars

In the field of transportation, the self-driving car is a big revolution.

In Self Driving cars, there is no need for any driver to drive the car as the car is fully automatic and works with the help of sensors that continuously transmit and receive data.

The car will be enabled with GPS and the Internet. In a self-driving car, Machine learning plays a major role as well.

Each car in the road will be connected to its neighboring car which will help in knowing the exact location and the speed of other cars in its way.

Let’s take a situation in which IoT can be a Life Saver in the road.

There is a person who is in a hurry and going to his office in his car. But on his way to the office, he met with an accident.

So, if his car is IoT enable, it will directly send its location and all other necessary information to it nearby hospital.

So that the emergency help from the hospital may reach to him as soon as possible.

5. Agriculture​​ - IoT Applications

If you have a garden or you are running a small farm, you must be facing the problem of irrigation or watering your garden.

However, IoT has already solved this problem for us with the help of the Smart Irrigation System.

As soon as the moisture level of our ground or garden decreases.

The sensor will send the signal to the controller and the controller will start the motor for irrigation.

By this, our irrigation process will start without any human interaction. This is one of the most popular applications of IoT in Agriculture.

I hope, you like the article and get to learn new things related to IoT and its Applications. We also have an article on Server and how does it work, which you must take a look at.

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