Is HTML a Programming Language: Although HTML is a Markup Language. Still, the majority of us have a question in mind that Is an HTML a Programming Language.

Most of us have started their Coding journey with HTML, which gives rise to lots of confusion for beginners related to Programming.

They relate HTML with the Programming Language. Eventually, they choose Programming as a career just by working with HTML.

Today we are going to clear all your doubts and queries related to HTML.

So, let’s start with the biggest question, Is HTML a Programming Language.

Is HTML a Programming Language

No, HTML is not a Programming Language. As the name itself suggest, HyperText Markup Language. So, HTML is a Markup Language, not a Programming Language.

HTML helps in creating or structuring a web page.

With HTML, you cannot perform Arithmetic or Logical Operations.

It is just used for organizing or structuring the data in a website, which is the main job of any Markup Language (to organize the data).

Programming vs Markup Language

Here are the top difference between Programming Languages and Markup Languages:

  1. Programming Languages involve Logical Operations, Arithmetic Operation, and many Algorithms. Whereas Markup Languages just include Tags to define the elements.

  2. Programming Languages are used to program or automate a machine or computer with the help of various algorithms available. Whereas Markup Languages are used for defining, processing, or styling the text, which makes the data in more presentable form.

  3. Markup Languages are in more human-readable form as compared to Programming Languages.

  4. Example of Top Programming Languages is C, C++, Java, C#, and many more. Whereas an example of Markup Languages is HTML, XML, LaTex, and many more.

  5. The basic Syntax of a Programming Language is
int a = 5, b = 6;
float sum;
sum = a + b;

Whereas the basic Syntax of a Markup Language is

<h2>This is a Heading</h2>

List of Top Markup Languages

Here is the list of Top Markup Languages with their syntax for creating bold text:


The syntax to create bold text in HTML is

<b>This is the bold text in HTML.</b>

2. XML

The syntax to create bold text in XML is
<font bold="true"/>

3. LaTex

The syntax to create bold text in LaTex is

\textbf{This is the bold text in LaTex.}

4. Markdown

The syntax to create bold text in Markdown is

**This is the bold text in Markdown.**

5. AsciiDoc

The syntax to create a bold text in AsciiDoc is

*This is the bold text in AsciiDoc.*