Best Game Engine: Most of us love to play the Games and many of us think of creating their own game as well.

If you want to build your own game, then you should know that the most important tool for building a game is Game Engine.

Game Engine is a software which helps in designing and development of games with the help of various features, like – Sound, Animation, Graphics and Physics Engine.

However, choosing a right Game Engine can be difficult or confusing for you as there are many Game Engines available in market.

It is not possible for you to try each and every Game Engine and then choosing the best one which will fulfill your requirement.

As some Game Engines are free and some are paid as well.

So, here is complete guide for you which will help you in choosing the Best and Free Game Engine for you.

Top 5 Best Game Engine are:

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1. Unity Game Engine

This Game Engine is very flexible, as we can build 2-D as well as 3-D games with Unity.

It is full of features like – Drag and Drop interface, supports multiple animation (2-D and 3-D animation) and physics engine.

Unity supports two Programming Language – C# and JavaScript. You can choose either one of them to start your Game Development.

It is capable of creating 2-D as well as high quality 3-D games.

Unity is best for Indie Game Development. So, you should go with Unity, if you are an Indie Game Developer.

Unity is very popular having a great community. You will find lots of tutorials online during your Game Development Journey.

Unity is best known for Mobile Game Development. However, you can create your game for multiple platforms using it.

The most important thing is that you can learn, create and upload your game in Play Store for free with Unity.

To use Unity, you must have the knowledge of Programming Language.

So, Programming Language is mandatory for Game Development with Unity.

If you want to build a AAA Game, then Unity is not for you. As, there is no AAA Game ever built with Unity.

Most popular games which are build using Unity are “Ori and the Blind Forest”, “Monument Valley 2”, “Wasteland 2”, “Inside” and many more.

Best Course for learning 2D Game Development with Unity Game Engine: Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D

Best Course for learning 3D Game Development with Unity Game Engine: Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D

2. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is very powerful Game Engine. As many popular and powerful games are build using it.

For example – PUBG, Fortnite, Batman series and many AAA Games are build on Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine have every advance Like – Advance Render Engine, which is necessary for building high quality AAA Games.

It supports C++ Programming Language.

With Unreal Engine, you can create games with Visual Scripting as well.

So, you can create a complete game without using Programming Language with Visual Scripting.

Besides this, it is full of many features like – advance physics engine and particle system.

Unreal Engine is used by many well known companies. Like – Survivalist, Frontend, Rokoko, ZipView, STOMT and many more.

The community support of Unreal Engine is also good. You will find number of online tutorials while learning it.

Unreal Engine supports cross-platform as well.

So, you can create games for multiple platforms. like – Android, iOS, Desktop, Console and many more.

If you want to create a 2-D, then you should not go with Unreal Engine.

However, the next Game Engine in our list is perfect for creating 2-D Games.

Best Course for learning Unreal Engine – Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games

3. GameMaker Studio

This Game Engine is best known for making 2-D Games.

You will get number of in-built features like – Drag and Drop interface, in this GameMaker Studio.

It is very easy to work in GameMaker Studio, as you don’t need Programming knowledge to make games in this Game Engine.

So, you can make 2-D games with GameMaker Studio, even without using any Programming Language.

If you are an artist or designer and you don’t have any knowledge of Programming, then this Game Engine is for you.

However, if you want to build a complex game and enhance the features of your game, then you can use Programming Language with GameMaker Studio as well.

Game Maker Studio has it’s own Programming Language, which is GML(Game Maker Language). GML is much similar to Java.

The community support of Game Maker Studio is very good and you will not find any lack of resource or tutorial while learning it.

GameMaker Stusio is cross-platform as well, which means you can build the game for multiple platform. like – Android, iOS, Web, Desktop and many more.

The only limitation of GameMaker Studio is that you can only create 2-D games using it.

Top Games build with GameMaker Studio are “Spelunky”, “Hotline Miami”, “Crashlands”, “Undertale” and many more.

Best Course for learning GameMaker Studio: Be a Game Maker with GameMaker Studio 2

4. Godot

Godot is a free Game Engine which you can use to create 2-D as well as 3-D games.

The Programming Languages which Godot supports are C#, C++ and GD Script(it’s own Programming Language).

Godot is a powerful Game Engine which have 97% positive reviews in steam and have over 700 patreons on Patreon.

Some of the games which are build on Godot are “The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy”, “A Game of Changes”, “Steno Arcade” and “Chaos In Deponia”.

Best Course for learning Godot: Godot 3 Complete Developer Course – 2D and 3D

5. Amazon Lumberyard

Lumberyard is a Game Engine which is build by one of the biggest company in the world which is “Amazon”.

Lumberyard is absolutely free Game Engine which supports C++ Programming Language. It is a cross-platform Game Engine.

Top games which are build using Lumberyard are “Star Citizen”, “The DRG Initiative” and “Coffence”.

So, these were some of the Best Game Engine available for you to start your Game Development.

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