Python Projects for Beginners: Python is one of the top Programming Languages to learn as a Software Developer.

In order to become a skilled Python Developer, you must build a couple of projects based on your Interest.

Those projects will help you in understanding the concepts and practices of Software Development as well.

So, if you are a Python Programmer searching for the real world ideas. Then this article is for you.

We are going to cover some of the best Project Ideas you can work on as a beginner level Python Programmer.

Here are the Top 10 best Python Projects for Beginners:

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1. Guess the Number

Python Projects for Beginners - Guess the Number

Source Code: Number Guessing Game Source Code

This is one of the most popular game which you can build as a beginner level Python Programmer.

As the name suggests, In this game we have to guess a correct number which is randomly generated by computer.

In this game, we will be given a range between 1-20 or 1-50 or 1-100. We have to choose any number between this range and if the chosen number is equal to the random number which was generated by computer, then we will win the game.

Otherwise, the computer will give us a hint, for example – the correct number is greater than or smaller than guessed number. Based on this hint, we have to guess the correct number.

2. Password Generator

Password Generator

Source Code: Generate Random Password Source Code

If you are looking for building a resourceful Python Project, then Password Generator is for you.

Many times while creating a password, we fail to create a strong password for our-self. So, let’s create a Python Application which will give you a random and strong password every time you run it.

3. Rock Paper Scissor

Python Projects for Beginners - Rock Paper Scissor

Source Code: Rock Paper Scissor Game Source Code

Rock Paper Scissors is a most popular game which we often play with our friends.

You can also create a Rock Paper Scissors Game with the help of Python Programming Language in which one can play the game against the computer.

So, you should definitely give it a try.

4. Hangman

Python Projects for Beginners - Hangman

Source Code: Hangman Source Code

This is one of the most amazing and popular game, you can create as a beginner level Python Programmer.

In this game, you have to guess a word and you will have a limit for number of guesses you can make.

Every time you guess the correct letter of the word, it will get displayed in that secret word.

On the other hand, if the guessed letter is incorrect, nothing will happen and your turn will get decreased.

5. Dice Roller

Dice Roller

Source Code: Dice Rolling Game Source Code

Dice Roller is a exact simulation of real world Dice, which have 6 sides denoting a number from 1 to 6.

So, you have to use a random function which will give us a random number from 1 to 6 every time we roll the dice.

6. Text-Based Adventure

Python Projects for Beginners - Text-Based Adventure

Source Code: Text-Based Adventure Game Source Code

Text-Based Adventure Game is similar to Choice Driven or Decision-Based Story game. The only difference is that instead of Visual Graphics, it is a text based game.

So, In this you have to create a story and user have to make a choices like – Yes/No or Left/Right. Based on these choices our story will get affected or changed.

7. Countdown Timer

Python Projects for Beginners - Countdown Timer

Source Code: Countdown Timer Source Code

You can also create a Countdown timer in which you have to ask for user to enter the time in seconds.

Then it will start the countdown, starting from the time you provided to it.

It is really fun and resourceful application and you should definitely give it a try.

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8. Snake Game

Snake Game

Source Code: Snake Game Source Code

Unlike the above games, Snake Game is a GUI based game. If you have ever played it before, you know it better.

In this game, a snake have to eat a fruit which are randomly placed in the screen and every time the snake will eat the fruit, it’s size will increase and your score increases as well.

9. Login System

Python Projects for Beginners - Login System

Source Code: Login System Source Code

Last but not the least, you can create a Login System. Login System will include the sign up and sign in functionality.

Here you have to create your account using Sign Up form in which you have to enter your Username and create a Password associated with it.

However, if you have already created your account then you can use the Sign In form to enter the Username and Password and Login into the System.

10. Binary Search Algorithm

Binary Search Algorithm

Source Code: Binary Search Algorithm Source Code

Binary Search Algorithm is a most popular Search Algorithm, in which a user have to enter a number between particular range(example – 1 to 1000).

Then the computer will use the Binary Search Algorithm to find whether the number is between the specifies range or not.

So, for this you can recursively or iteratively divide the list into 2 halves. Then we have to find whether the number is in the lest half or right half and again we have to use the same approach until we find the location of our number in the list.

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