Best Way to Learn Python

Best Way to Learn Python: Python is a programming language which needs no introduction, as it is the most popular and in-demand programming language.

It is one of the most beginner friendly programming language. So, the learning difficulty of Python is quite easy.

Despite the fact that there are number of resources available online to learn Python.

Still most of the Programmer are in search of the best way to learn Python Programming Language.

So, today we will take a deep look at some of the best and efficient way to learn Python in 2020.

Best Way (Resources) to Learn Python​

There are many resources or tutorials available online for learning Python which also give rise to lots of confusion regarding which one is best for us.

So, we have compiled some of the best resources available for learning Python Programming Language in 2020.

1. Python Spot​

Visit Website: Pythonspot


Pythonspot is a gateway of amazing Python Tutorial both for Beginners as well as Advance Programmers.

It covers all the important and advance Python topics, like – Database, Web, Graphical Interface, Networking and Plotting.

So, if you are looking for a blog which covers all the important topics from Scratch to the Advance Level, then it can be a good option for you.

2. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3​​

Get this Course: Complete Python Bootcamp

Price: On Sale

Complete Python Bootcamp

For many of us, learning from a Video is much easier than learning from Blog or Written Content.

So, if you are in a search of a Python course which will teach you Programming in Python from Zero to Advance Level, this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn both Python 2 as well Python 3. You will also be able to create games with Python.

This course contains all the advance Python topics, like – Collection Modules, Timestamp, Decorator, Object Oriented Programming and many more.

3. Tutorials Point​​

Visit Website: Tutorialspoint

Best Way to Learn Python - TutorialsPoint

Tutorialspoint is a famous website which contains lots of tutorials of different Programming Language and Computer Science Subjects.

If you are in a search of good Python Tutorial for Beginners, then it can be a great option for you.

Tutorialspoint also have Live Demo features, where you can edit and compile your Python Code on the website itself.

So, In order to learn Python from Scratch you must take a look at this website.

4. NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python​​

Get this Course: Natural Language Processing with Python

Price: On Sale

Best Way to Learn Python - Natural Language Processing

This course is great for Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast.

If you already have an experience with Python Programming and you are looking forward to learn Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, then this course is must for you.

You will also learn to use Python Libraries, like – SciKit-Learn, Spacy and working with Text Files and PDF Files in Python, including various other advance concepts as well.

5. Python Guru​​

Visit Website: Python Guru


ThePythonGuru is a complete guide of Python Programming, which consist of all the Python Topics for beginners and some of the important advance Python Topics as well.

Here you will find the deep explanation of all the Python Topics and have a live Python Compiler where you can edit and compile your code on the website itself.

6. Web Development with Django​​

Get this Course: Learn Django by building Projects

Price: Free

Best Way to Learn Python - Web Development with Django

Django is very popular framework among Web Developers. It is a fully features Web Framework which makes Web Development quite easy and fast.

So, here is a exclusive Django course for our CoderPedia community for absolutely free.

This course covers all the important topics and will teach you to build a Database driven dynamic website, Applications, Email Sent App, E-Commerce Website, User Authentication and much more.

7. Python for you and me​​

Visit Website: Python for you and me

Python for you and me

It is a complete book for Python Programmer having all the important topics in a series or sorted order.

They have covered all the important topics for beginners and also contain topics for advance level Programmers as well.

There User Interface is amazing and have explained every topic in quite simple way.

8. Cutting Edge AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python​

Get this Course: Artificial Intelligence with Python

Price: On Sale

Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence

This is a dedicated course on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence where you will learn to implement Deep Learning Techniques and Reinforcement Learning.

It is a highly rated Course on Udemy. This course covers the important topics, like – A2C Algorithms, Evolution Strategies and DDPG (Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient).

Benefits of Learning Python​​

There are number of advantages of learning Python Programming Language.

Python is very easy and most resourceful Programming Language. It has a great community support.

Python is used for developing Applications for number of Platforms, like – Web and Desktop.

It is also used in Technologies, like – Machine Learning, Cyber Security and many more.

There are number of other reasons why you should learn Python in 2020 and we have created a separate post for it as well, which you must take a look.

Top Python Frameworks to Learn​

There are many Python frameworks available in market.

However, here we are going to discuss some of the best Framework which you should learn in order to get most out of the Python Programming Language.

For Web Development, Django is the framework which is used for creating attractive websites and web apps.

Django is also known as the Backend Framework as it provides all the modules and necessary functionality which is required for Backend Development of a website.

There are number of other Web Frameworks available in Python, like – Pyramid, Tornado, Flask and Bottle, which you should take a look as well.

If you want to learn more about Django, then you must visit our article in which we have discussed about What is Django with complete information and a free course on Django as well.

Python is heavily used for Machine Learning and Data Science as well. There are number of libraries that you can use for implementing Machine Learning, like – TensorFlow, Matplotlib, Keras, Scikit-learn, PyTorch and many more.

To learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you must visit our article in which we have discussed more deeply about it.

Important Topics in Python You Should Know​

If you have just started with Python and want a Roadmap, which will help you in covering all the important topics in Python.

Then here is the list of all those topics which will help in becoming a good Python developer.

  1. List and Dictionary
  2. File Management
  3. Ternary Operator
  4. String
  5. Lambda Functions
  6. Classes and Functions
  7. Mutable and Immutable Objects
  8. Generators and Iterators
  9. Map and Filter
  10. Decorators

Important Tips to become Python Programmer​​

Becoming a Programmer is a game of consistency. So, if you are consistent and motivated towards your goal, you will achieve it for sure.

However, before learning any thing, you should have a strong reasons for learning it.

Similarly, for learning Python Programming Language, you should have good strong reasons for learning Programming and we have created a separate post on it which you must take a look.

Now that you have a good reasons for learning it. Next step is to make a strategy or quick step for learning Programming.

It will be a roadmap for you which you will follow to become a successful Python Programmer.

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