Coding vs Programming: There is a lots of misconception between Coding and Programming.

Although Coding and Programming are very similar terms and very interchangeably used at many given context.

But still there is a huge differences between these two terms.

Most of the people who are in Software Development Industries, think that Coding and Programming is a same job.

They don’t know the actual difference between them.

As a result, they use these two synonymous words of Software Development Jargon interchangeably.

However, Coding is different from Programming. It is very important for you to know the difference between Coding and Programming.

As it will change your perspective and approach toward Software Development as well.

So, if you don’t know the difference between Coding and Programming, this article is for you.

Here are the Top 5 most important differences between Coding vs Programming:

Table of Contents

1. Definition

Coding is just the translation of Code from one language to another. In coding, we don’t deal with the complex problems.

Whereas Programming is the process of creating Code by performing deep analysis and many optimization methods with the help of different Algorithms.

In coding, you just need to implement the solution of the problem with the help of Code, doesn’t matter which approach you use.

Whereas In Programming, you need to get the solution along with the most optimized approach.

In coding, we just need to follow the given instructions to create a Program or Software.

Whereas in Programming, we have to implement the most optimized solution to create a Program or Software.

This is the reason why Programmer’s need to be very skilled in their job. They should have the good knowledge of Algorithms and advance concepts.

In simple words, Coding is a subset of Programming. Every Programmer is a Coder, but Every Coder cannot be a Programmer.

2. Skill Required

Coder need not to be highly skilled in Software Development. Whereas Programmer should have a good knowledge of Coding as well as various Optimization Algorithms.

To become a Coder, you just need to know the syntax of the Programming Language. As you just have to follow the instruction and write the code based on the instructions provided.

Whereas Programmers have to write the code as well as they have to deal with many complex problem as well.

They have to implement the knowledge of Algorithms to write the Code to get the most optimized solution.

There are number of reasons why you should learn Programming.

However, there are very few but mandatory steps which many Coder or Programmer follow through their Programming Journey.

So, if you want to learn Programming, you must take a look at our 5 Step Guide to learn Programming.

In that article, we have briefly described the 5 easy to follow step to become Programmer.

3. Difficulty Level

Coding is very easy and simple is compared to Programming.

To become a Coder, you just have to learn the syntax of the Programming Language.

Whereas to become a Programmer, you have to learn the syntax as well as various optimization techniques and algorithms.

Therefore, In Software Development Industries, the word Coder is used for the person who is not much experienced in Programming.

Whereas Programmer is used for the one who is very skilled and experienced in his/her work.

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4. Work Scope

When it comes to Software Development, Programmer plays a major role in it.

This is because to create a Software Product, you should have a great knowledge of many advance concepts and optimization algorithms.

Coders are just responsible for writing the code for the small part of the Software Product.

Whereas Programmers are involved in writing the whole code for the Software Product.

5. Real Life Example

Let’s take a real life example of Coding vs Programming.

If Programming is the process of writing a whole book. Then Coding is just about writing a single chapter of the book.

This means that if Programmer is the person who can write a whole book, then Coder is the person who just write a single chapter of the book.

Let’s take another real world example.

If a person is using a T.V. remote to change the channel in the Television. Then that person can be called as a Coder.

Whereas Programmer is the person who is responsible for programming that T.V. remote. Programmer have programmed all the logical code inside that remote.

So, these were some of the major differences between Coding and Programming. Hope you understood the difference between Coding vs Programming well.

Now lets take a look at how you can learn Coding or Programming with the step by step approach.

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