Reasons for Learning Coding

Why You Should Learn Coding: If you are starting your Programming journey, then you must have a substantial reasons and motivation to learn Coding.

I have some vivid reasons for you to start learning to code right now.

These reasons will help you to pave the way for your programming journey and make it much more interesting.

Here are the Top 13 Reasons for Why You Should Learn Coding:

Reason #1: Programming is definitely a lucrative career option

As we all know world is moving towards the automation and computation, which is why the need of programmers have also increased exponentially.

So, if you are searching for a lucrative career option, then programming is the best option for you.

You will not find any job scarcity for the next decade of years.

Reason #2: Being Entrepreneur

Programmers are not only limited to employee but many Programmers have started their own business and living their dream life.

Now a days, most of the products and services we use are digital.

So, being a digital Entrepreneur or starting your business with digital products or services is a good option.

Now, if you have just started your business and have no money to invest on hiring the Programmer for building your app or website.

You can do it by yourself if you know the programming and software development.

So, this is the another substantial reason to learn Programming.

Reason #3: World is craving for the good programmers

As the world is moving towards industrialization, computers are becoming our necessity.

Computers are required in every field which ultimately increases the demands of good programmers who can solve their problems in a much efficient way.

So, if you are good at Programmer than world is full of opportunities for you.

Reason #4: You can be your own boss

You can be your own boss and work for yourself. It means you can work from wherever and whenever you want.

If you don’t like 9 to 5 job, then there are many other options for earning online in Programming field as well.

Like- There are many tech giant companies which offer you to work for them from home.

You can also work as a freelancer which is a quite good option now a days. As freelancers are charging thousands of dollar based on the working hours.

So, if you want to work remotely and independently, then Programming is the option for you.

Reason #5: Programming is the closest thing we have to superpower

When it comes to programming, it is not only a good career option but also the most creative career option you can have.

According to me, Programmers are the wizard of today’s generation. Programmers can create what ever they want with just the line of codes.

Thinking it deeply gets us to the conclusion that Programming is no less than magic or having the superpower.

Reason #6: You don’t need any special qualification to be a Programmer

Here is the another good reason for why you should learn coding.

If you are good enough in programming and have a couple of projects to show, then your qualifications or degree really doesn’t matter.

As we know that Google, Facebook and other big companies are now hiring only on the bases of skills and knowledge you have, doesn’t matter whether you are graduated or not.

These tech giant companies conduct various online competitions for hiring purposes and if you are good enough, this becomes great opportunity for you.

Reason #7: Highest Paying Jobs available

Now, here is the another substantial and vivid reason to learn Programming. Programming opens the door for you for getting the highest paying job.

According to cnbc, Programming comes under one of the top 10 highest paying jobs. So, if you are a high pay seeker than Programming is for you.

Reason #8: Creating Things

If you love to create new things and want to impact the life of millions of people with your product or service. Then Programming is one of the best option you can have.

In programming we used to say that your one line of code can impact millions of life.

Our world is becoming digital and we are completely dependent on technology for our day to day work.

You can use this opportunity of digital era to help in transforming the world and making a big difference in the world by creating the resourceful things(Digital Products and Services).

Reason #9: Highest Job Openings

Programming is the necessity of modern world. As computer are necessary in every industry.

As a result, there are thousands of job opening for programmers as well.

Even in agriculture also, people are making use of computers and automation.

There are abundance of job opening for programmer and technical persons nowadays.

Reason #10: Increases your Problem Solving skills

With Programming, your Problem Solving skills improves drastically.

You can figure out the number of efficient ways of completing a single task, which increases your cognitive ability.

While Programming, you will always be enthusiastic for completing the different challenges, which impact your life in a much optimistic way.

Reason #11: Life Time Learning

Every next day a new technology is introduced which replaces the old one. Today, Android is in boom, but we don’t know about next 2-3 years.

Whether it will be still so much popular in future or not. So, the life time learning attitude is mandatory.

Similarly, Programming and Software Engineering is a Life Time Learning Job.

Now a days, every next day a new technology is introduced, which affects our day to day.

So, it’s the job of a Software Engineer to learn those technology and use it for the benefits of peoples.

So, Programmers are forced to learn the new technology. It will be much favorable if you have they habit of learning and adopting changes in life.

Reason #12: Programming teach you how to think

Computers work much like as Human Brain works. As our brain thinks and takes the most appropriate steps for different situations.

Similarly, Computers also uses different algorithms for completing different tasks more efficiently. Both brain and computer work algorithmically.

So, Being a programmer makes your life much easier in taking decision because subconsciously your mind gets trained to take the efficient decisions.

We know that only difference between computer and humans is that humans are intelligence being and computers are not.

This barrier is also being removed with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

With Artificial Intelligence, Computer are also possessing intelligence and the ability to think.

So, Programmers are forced to learn the new technology. It will be much favorable if you have the habit of learning and adopting changes in life.

Reason #13: You will feel accomplished

Now a days, Programming is one of the best satisfactory jobs you can have.

This is because In programming we can see the result of own work and the drastic impact it is putting in the world very easily.

This make you feel very accomplished and satisfied with your job.

Hope you like it and you get enough motivation and substantial reasons for why you should learn coding. So, what is your reason which drives you towards Programming. Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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