Linux vs Windows: According to NetMarketShare, 88.14% of the Operating System Market Share is covered by Windows. Whereas 1.85% of the Market Share is covered by Linux.

However, the Majority of the customers of the Windows Operating System uses a cracked(free) version of Windows.

Still, the Windows Operating System is one of the biggest revenue sources for Microsoft. As corporate are enforced to use the paid version of Windows only.

However, even though Windows has covered the majority of the market. Still different Linux Distributions got a great demand among the technologist.

There are several advantages of switching to the Linux Operating System for Programmer or Technical person, which we will cover later on.

For now, let’s see the difference between Linux and Windows Operating System and which one is best for you.

Here are the top 10 difference between Linux and Windows:

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1. Linux vs Windows: Open Source​

Linux vs Windows - Open Source

The biggest benefit of using the Linux Operating System is that it is Open Source.

So, you can access the complete source code of Linux OS and can perform the desired modifications in the Operating System including Kernel as well.

Whereas Windows is a Commercial OS. So, you have no access to its source code. Very limited persons or you can say, only developers of Windows have access to its source code.

2. Linux vs Windows: Security​​

Linux vs Windows - Security

Hackers create viruses intending to harm or damage more and more computers.

As we know the majority of the computers are running on Windows. Therefore, most of the viruses are built for the Windows Operating System.

Since very few people use Linux OS. So, it is not many beneficiaries for a hacker to create a virus for Linux.

Therefore, In terms of security, Linux is much superior as compared to Windows.

3. Linux vs Windows: Usability


We know that more than 88.14% of the computers are using Windows and only 1.85% of the computers are using Linux.

The major reason behind the popularity of Windows is it’s easy to use Interface.

Thanks to Windows GUI that even non-technical people also find it very simple and easy to use.

On the other hand, Linux is not much user friendly and troubleshooting in Linux is also very difficult.

Most of the time, you have to use Command Line Interface in Linux. So, you should know basic Linux commands as well.

4. Linux vs Windows: Price

Linux vs Windows - Price

Linux is freely available for everyone to use and the majority of the Linux Software’s are also free.

Whereas Windows is a paid Operating System and you have to spend $99 to $199 to get the original Windows Operating System.

5. Linux vs Windows: Customization


You can fully customize your Linux Operating System and do any kind of changes to it, like – changing the GUI.

After performing the desired changes, you can launch your own Linux Distribution in the market.

This is the reason that there are several different distributions available for Linux.

However, In Windows, you cannot do any kind of customization at all.

6. Linux vs Windows: Privacy​​

Linux vs Windows - Privacy

Privacy is the main concern for most of us.

If you want to be anonymous and don’t want a third party to access any of your data. Then, Linux is the Operating System you should go with.

However, if you are a person who is not very concerned about privacy. Then you can go with Windows.

Microsoft collects the data of its users to increase the usability of their Products.

7. Linux vs Windows: Reliability

Linux vs Windows - Reliability

Linux is very reliable and stable as compared to Windows. As you get better Security and Process Management in Linux.

On the other side, Windows is highly prone to vulnerabilities and you can face new issues every next day in Windows.

This is the reason that majority of the Server uses a Linux Operating System instead of Windows.

8. Used By

Operating System Used By

Linux is mostly used by professionals who are in the field of technology, like – Programmers, hackers, Software Developer.

Whereas Windows is used by the people who are not much into technology and just want the job to be done.

Windows is heavily used for gaming, as most of the games are compatible with Windows Operating System.

However, with the help of Cloud Computing, you can play games in Linux as well. But still, Linux is not the perfect choice for gaming.

9. Linux vs Windows: Variety

Linux vs Windows - Variety or Distribution

There is a variety of Linux Distribution available. So, you can choose your favorite distribution based on your preference.

Whereas, In Windows, you don’t have much variety and you have to stick with the same OS available.

10. Community Support

Operating System - Community Support

The community support of Linux is great and In case, you get stuck in any problem, you will get several solutions online for sure.

However, In Windows, you will not have many options available.


Most of you might be still confused that whether they should go with Linux or Windows.

So, the answer to this question is that it completely depends on your preference or your goals.

So, if you are more into technology and want to upgrade yourself in terms of technical knowledge and how things work inside the hood. Then you should go with Linux.

By using Linux, you will learn lots of new and cool things, which will help you in doing complex tasks more efficiently.

On the other hand, if you are not a tech enthusiast and just want to get the things done. Then Windows is best for you.

In Windows, you can do all your office work very easily and of course, Windows is best for gaming as well.

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