Best Linux Distro

Best Linux Distro: There are 1000’s of available Linux Distribution.

This give rise to a lots of confusion to which one to use or which will be the best suitable Linux Distro for us.

But choosing the best distribution totally depends upon your requirements and preferences.

There is a lots of comparison going on between Linux vs Other Operating System.

Linux is open source, fast and you will get more control over the machine, with the help of various Linux Commands.

These are the main reason why Programming is best done on Linux OS.

Linux also comes with free resourceful software, which makes it more fast and some software helps in improving your privacy as well.

For example – The pre-installed Search Engine of Linux “DuckDuckGo”, helps in keeping your searches private and anonymous.

So, today we will take a deep look at the best Linux distribution which you should use according to your requirements.

We have sorted the Best Linux Distro list based on different criteria. Like – Community Support, Interface, Speed etc.

Here is the List of Best Linux Distributions you should use in 2020:

1. Linux Mint

The GUI of Linux Mint is amazing as it is a cinnamon based GUI. It is pretty fast as compared to other Linux distributions.

Linux Mint comes with LTS(Long Term Support) which makes installing and updating the latest packages very simple and fast.

So, if you are looking for a good GUI with speed, then Linux Mint is for you.

2. Elementary OS

If you are a new Linux user or not friendly with the Linux Environment and you want a GUI like – MacOS or Windows, then you should go with Elementary OS.

It is the best Linux Distro for beginners and also known as the MacOS alternative. It is mostly used for penetration testing.

3. Arch Linux

In Arch Linux, you can fully customize your OS, which means you can build your own system.

You have the choice of which component or package you want to keep in your system and which one not.

There is a incredible resource available in Arch Linux which is Arch Wiki. So, if you get into any problem, the solution will be in Arch Wiki for sure.

4. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most famous Linux Distro among programmers. The community support of Ubuntu is huge.

So, you will get lots of solutions for Ubuntu in case you get stuck in any of the problem.

That is the reason Ubuntu is also known as the most stable distribution of Linux.

5. Fedora OS

Fedora OS is one of the most stable and easy to use Linux Distro. Installation process of Fedora is also very easy.

Fedora is also quite stable when used on Virtual Box. The community support of Fedora is amazing as well.

So, if stability is your priority, then you should definity go with Fedora OS.

You can choose any of the Linux Distro based on your priority or preferences. So, which is your favorite Linux Distribution, let me know in the comment section below.

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