Programming Memes

Programming Memes: Programming is one of the field which have lot of funniest and dankest memes and jokes available.

So, if you are programmer and haven’t heard of these famous and funny memes, then you are missing the real essence of Programming.

As a Programmer, we have to deal with lot’s of bugs and errors, which ruins the whole day.

So, a little break is necessary for a Programmer, which will helps in releasing the stress and anxiety of the whole day.

So, if you are a Programmer then these memes are for you. You can also share it with your friends or colleagues as well.

So, let’s directly get into the dankest Programming Jokes of 2020.

Top 40 Funniest Programming Memes

So, here are the Top 40 funniest Programming Memes of 2020 only Programmers can understand:

  1. Programmers while Sleeping

    Me After 10 Lines of Coding…
    Enough for Today!

    Programming Memes - Programmer while sleeping

  2. Story of Every Software Developer

    When you launch a software in market..
    What People See vs The Efforts Which Nobody See

    Coding Memes - Launching of Software

  3. Writing Hello World in New Programming Language

    When you just learn how to “Hello World!” in a New Programming Language.

    Hello World Jokes

  4. Evolution of Memory Storage

    Traditional Storage Devices vs Cloud Computing

    Programming Memes - Evolution of Memory Storage

  5. Studying Software Engineering

    Mom: Don’t touch your computer and mobile until your exams are over.
    Me: ๐Ÿ™

    Coding Jokes - Studying Software Engineering

  6. Over-killing Hello World Program

    import numpy as np
    import pandas as pd
    import tensorflow as tf
    import tensorflow.keras as keras
    import cv2

    print(“Hello World”)

    Programming Memes - Hello World

  7. Are You a Robot

    When the computer asks “Are You a Robot?”,
    Maybe, he just want to find his family?

    Are you a robot Meme

  8. Bugs and Errors in Code

    25000000 Bugs
    25000 Errors
    25 Lines of Code

    Coding Jokes - Bugs, Errors, Lines of Code

  9. When your Program finally works at End

    When your Program is Mess but Everything works out in the End.

    Programming Memes Error in Code

  10. Code Comments be Like

    Coding Meme - Code Comments be Like

  11. Most Inspiring Quote Ever!

    If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, you’re brave enough to ask that girl out.

    Internet Explorer Joke

  12. I have a new JavaScript Framework down here

    JavaScript Developer Memes

  13. Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg is the only person in the world whose mom says:
    “Son, don’t waste time, please concentrate on Facebook and WhatsApp.”

    Mark Zuckerberg Meme

  14. Corona Virus vs Programmer

    When you realize that to prevent Corona Virus, you’ve to stay at home and avoid physical contacts.
    But then you realize you are a programmer, preparing for this moment your entire life!!

    Coding Memes - Corona Virus

  15. Engineering College vs YouTube Programming Videos

    Programming Memes - YouTube Programming Videos

  16. Internet Explorer

    Me: Haha! You’re the slowest browser in the world!
    Internet Explorer: Still faster than your crush’s reply.

    Internet Explorer Joke Meme

  17. Online Courses

    What They Promise Your Will Learn vs What You Actually Learn

    Online Courses Memes

  18. Brain of a Programmer

    Coding Jokes - Programmer Life

  19. Java and Semicolon

    Java: bro close your eyes
    Semicolon: ok bro
    Java:what do you see?
    Semicolon: nothing bro
    Java: that is my life without you bro
    Semicolon: bro…

    Programming Memes - Java Jokes

  20. Python and Networking

    Guys, I need a Network Specialist with some Python experience… it’s urgent…

    Coding Jokes - Network Specialist

  21. Front-End vs Back-End

    Front End vs Back End

  22. Scientists vs Programmers

    Scientists: The coronavirus is transmitted via human interaction.
    Programmers: ๐Ÿ™‚

    Coronavirus vs Programmer

  23. Google Chrome vs Computer RAM

    Programming Memes - Google Chrome

  24. Pressing the print button twice

    Me: *Presses the print button twice*
    The Printer: 200,000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way.

    Technology Memes - Printer

  25. PHP vs Java vs JavaScript

    PHP vs Java vs JavaScript

  26. My Logical Thinking as Programmer

    Programming Mistakes

  27. HTML is a Programming Language

    Coding Jokes HTML Meme

  28. Download Free RAM

    Programming Memes - Free Ram Virus

  29. Computer in 2000 vs 3020

    Computer Generation

  30. Infinity Snap

    Hey guyz… I’m back with another cool app idea… You’ll see this soon..
    I call it ‘Infinity Snap’… inspired by Great Thanos.
    So basically… This app will delete 50% files of your phone… no Judge by file types.. equally delete from anywhere.

    Coding Memes End Game

  31. Coding in HTML and CSS

    HTML and CSS Jokes

  32. Artificial Intelligence

    People: AI will kill us all!
    My Image Recognition AI: Look at all those chickens!

    Coding Jokes - Artificial Intelligence

  33. Debugging Your Own Code be Like

    Programming Jokes - Coding Error

  34. New Programmers be Like

    Programming Memes - Google Joke

  35. Removing the Bad Code

    Friend: What are you doing?
    Me: I removed all the bad code from the AppFriend: What’s left of it?
    Me: Hello World

    Hello World Programming

  36. Programmer in 2009 vs 2019

    Programming in 2009 vs 2019

  37. JavaScript vs Other Programming Languages

    Programming Memes JavaScript vs Other Languages

  38. Me vs StackOverFlow

    *StackOverFlow user trying to explain me what I did wrong*
    Me: Just give me a code to copy/paste.

    StackOverFlow Jokes

  39. Normal Brain vs Programmer Brain

    Coding Memes - Normal Brain vs Programmer Brain

  40. My Computer vs Internet vs Skills

    Programming Memes My Computer vs Internet vs Skills

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