DuckDuckGo vs Google

DuckDuckGo vs Google: Search Engines are the crucial part of our life. Without Search Engine, we can’t expect our life to be as easy as now.

Despite the fact that Search Engine can answer any of our questions in no time. Still there are some questions we should never search in Search Engine.

The tech giant which already have monopolized the Search Engine market is Google.

It is so much popular, that most of us use the term Google it! as a synonym of search it!.

There is no other search engine which can compete with Google.

However still there are lots of talk going on between DuckDuckGo vs Google, as some limitation in Google search engine, Like – privacy or data breach, is the business model of search engine “DuckDuckGo“.

So, considering DuckDuckGo search engine can helpful if privacy matter to you.

Do you know that Google keep track of each and every task you perform in Internet.

For example – how much time you spend in particular website or page, which ads do you click, what is your interest.

Google collects data from the websites you visit and use it for there advertisement and your recommendation system.

So, if you use google, then your data is no more your.

As google uses Artificial Intelligence for their searches and recommendation system. So, data is the main resource of Google, which it takes from us(with or without permission).

But on the other hand, these limitations of Google are the main feature and business model of DuckDuckGo.

If you are a Linux user, then you must have heard about DuckDuckGo as it is the default browser in many Linux distributions.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine, which shows the results of your searches like Google. But unlike Google, it shows you the unbiased and 100% organic results.

With DuckDuckGo, you can do task more efficiently than you can in google. You will learn more about it below.

In DuckDuckGo, privacy is the main concern. As the tagline of DuckDuckGo itself says “The search engine that doesn’t track you”.

So, In the world of Internet, if privacy concern you, then you should definitely go with DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is also known as the search engine of hackers. Because In DuckDuckGo, the first preference is always given to privacy.

The most popular search engine like – Google, Yahoo, Bing always track your activities and use this data for the advertisement purpose.

So, we will take deep look at the Top features of DuckDuckGo and Google and the key differences between DuckDuckGo vs Google.

Top Search Features of DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Features

Here are the Top 12 features of DuckDuckGo Search Engine.

1. Using Shortcut in DuckDuckGo

Typing !bang in DuckDuckGo will redirect you to a page where you will get the shortcut of 1000’s of popular websites and you can easily access it.

Using !(exclamation) sign, you can access the website with its shortcut.

bang shortcut DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – !a for Amazon, !yt for YouTube, !tw for twitter, !fb for Facebook, .

You can also directly type your search query with it. Like “!yt Programming” will show you the programming videos on YouTube.

2. Checking Status of any Website

You can check the status of any website. Whether it is Up or Down, with its response time by simply typing “is up”.

Website status DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – By typing “is up” you can know whether is up or down and exactly how much time it took to get response from the particular Server.

3. Searching Social Profile

You can directly search the social profile of any person with DuckDuckGo search engine by typing @ and your keyword.

Searching Social Profile DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – @coderpedia will display you the social profile of coderpedia handle.

4. Generating Figlet

You can generate the figlet of any text by typing “figlet “Text””.

Generating Figlet DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – Typing figlet “Coderpedia” will generate the figlet of Coderpedia for you.

5. Generating Password with DuckDuckGo

If you are confused while generated the good secure password. You can take the help of DuckDuckGo.

By typing password, followed by the number of digits of the password you want to have, you will get the random password of the specific length.

Generate Password with DuckDuckGo

For example – By typing “password 10”, it will generate you the random password of 10 digit.

6. URL Expander

Sometime you come up with the short URL, which you are scared of opening because of security purpose.

Then you can use DuckDuckGo for expanding the shorten URL.

To expand the shorten URL, you have to type expand, followed by the shorten URL which you want to expand.

URL Expander DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – Typing “expand” will expand this shorten URL, give the result which is “”.

7. URL Shortening

You can also shorten any URL with shorten command. To shorten the URL, you have to type shorten, followed by the URL which you want to shorten.

URL Shortening DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – Typing “shorten” will shorten this URL for you.

8. Changing the Text Case

You can change the case of your text with DuckDuckGo.

To make the text to uppercase, use “uppercase text” and to make the text title case use “titlecase text”.

Changing the Text Case DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – By typing “uppercase coderpedia”, you will get CODERPEDIA in result.

9. Calendar in DuckDuckGo

To see the calendar of current month. Simply type “calendar”. By typing “calendar month year”, you can view the calendar of that particular month.

Calendar in DuckDuckGo

For example – Typing “calender january 2020”, you will get the calendar of January month of 2020.

10. Checking Weather

To know the weather in a particular location, you can type in weather in, followed by the location for which you want to know the weather.

Checking Weather DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – Typing “weather in Delhi” will show you the complete weather information of Delhi.

11. DuckDuckGo as Stopwatch

Typing “stopwatch” will show you the stop watch, which you can use anyway

Stopwatch DuckDuckGo vs Google

12. Calculating Loan

You can easily calculate loan with the help of loan command.

Calculating Loan DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example- “loan RS 1000000 at 5% for 10 years” will give you the result Rs 10,606.55 for 10 years.

There are many more helpful features like these available in DuckDuckGo.

Top Search Features of Google

Google Features

Here are the Top 10 features of Google Search Engine.

1. Searching Particular Website

If you want to search about something only from a particular website.

Then you can do it, with the help of site: followed by the website from which you want to search and the word you want to search about.

Search from Particular Site DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – programming. It will show all the result related to programming only from website.

2. Time Range Search

There is a special type of search in Google , which is known as Time Range Search.

By using it, you can get the search result articles, which were written in a specific year, month or date.

This means if you want to get the articles written about something, on the particular time period. Then you can make use of Time Range Search.

For this, you have to firstly type the keyword you want to search about and add before:YYYY-MM-DD or after:YYY-MM-DD accordingly.

This will show you the article written in that particular time period.

Time Range Search DuckDuckGo vs Google

For Example – The search query, Linux before:2001 will show the articles related to Linux, which were written before 2001.

3. Search with Quotation Mark

If you want to search about something in Google and in search results you want the articles which consist of exact words you typed in.

Then you can put the words inside the Quotation marks.

Quotation Marks DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – if you typed “global warming”. Then you will get the results which consist of global warming and will eliminate all the irrelevant results related to it.

4. File Type Search

If you want to get the particular type of file as a search result, then you can make use of File Type Search.

For this, you have to type filetype: followed by the type of file you want and the keyword related to which you want the file.

If you want the PowerPoint slides or pdf related to something, then this query is very helpful for you.

Google Search by File Type DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – you can type, filetype:ppt computer networks and you will get all the ppt related to computer networks.

5. Search with Elimination

If you are searching about something on Google and you want to eliminate some particular word from the search results.

Then you can do it by adding – sign in the search query.

Search Query with Hyphen DuckDuckGo vs Google

For example – If you want to search about Linux Distribution, but you don’t want Ubuntu in your search result.

Then, you can do it by typing Linux Distribution -Ubuntu. This means that I want to see all the Linux Distribution except Ubuntu.

6. Searching Definition

If you want to know the definition of something, then you can make use of this query.

You can type, define: followed by the word, you want the definition of. This will show you the definition of that word.

Seach the Defination

For example – define:Artificial Intelligence.

7. Wildcard Search

The * symbol is very useful when you want to get the value of something as a result. For example – You can type Salary of Software Engineer is *.

Now, In result, Google will show the result which will fill the * for you.

So, you can get the result for Salary of Software Engineer. This is also known as Wildcard Search.

8. Google as a Calculator

You can use Google as a Calculator as well. For this you just have to type the mathematical expression in the search query and it will give you the answer.

Google as a Calculator

For example – (20+34)/2 will give you 27.

9. Unit Conversion with Google

Google can also help you in Unit conversion. With Google, you can convert one unit into another. Like – cm to mm, mm to m.

You can convert the currency with Google as well. Like – you can type USD to INR, to convert US dollar to Indian Rupee.

Unit Conversion with Google

For example – If you type 5.6 USD to INR. It will convert 5.6 USD to INR.

10. Google Gravity

If you are bored by using Google Homepage and want some fun with Google. Then Google Gravity is for you.

With Google Gravity, you can play with Google Homepage in a very funny manner. If you are a fan of Google, then you must try it.

DuckDuckGo vs Google

DuckDuckGo vs Google

Here are some key differences between DuckDuckGo vs Google, from which you can choose which one is better Search Engine for you.

1. Tracking Activity

Google keeps track of each and every task you perform in Internet and use that data for advertisement or IoT Purpose.

However with DuckDuckGo, you are completely anonymous. No one track your activities if you use DuckDuckGo.

2. Biased vs Unbiased Results

Google shows you the biased results which means it doesn’t shows 100% organic results.

It shows the results based on your interest and also take other variables like your location, which makes their result biased.

Whereas In DuckDuckGo, search results are 100% organic, without taking any variable like – your location or interest into concern.

It means that the result which is shown to the person in USA, will be the same result which will be shown to a person in India.

So, if you want your search results to be unbiased then use can DuckDuckGo.

3. Revenue Generation Model

In Google, a great part of revenue is generated with advertisement.

This means that Google is selling our personal data to other companies for advertisement purpose.

DuckDuckGo also uses the advertisement for their revenue.

But here advertisement is shown based on the keywords you types, not on based of your location, history or some other personal data.

4. Number of Employees

The total number of employees in Google are 98 thousand.

Whereas In DuckDuckGo, total number of employees are just 130 but still it ranks 5th among it’s competitor because of it motto which is privacy.

5. Number of Searches per day

In Google, Total number of searches in a day are 3.5 billion.

Whereas In DuckDuckGo total number of searches are 30 million per day and is still a Emerging Technology.

The popularity of DuckDuckGo is increasing with the rate of 22% every year, which makes the chances of DuckDuckGo to be good competitor of Google in future.

Conclusion: Best Search Engine for you (DuckDuckGo vs Google)

So, when it comes to choose the best Search Engine between DuckDuckGo and Google, it completely depends on your preference.

If you are a person for which security matter and you want to be anonymous while you are surfing the Internet. Then DuckDuckGo is the best Search Engine for you.

However, if you are a person who don’t care if Google use your private data for their advertisement or search filtration purpose. Then Google is for you.

Google provide you many features and products which is the reason it is the most popular Search Engine.

So, what do you think ? Will DuckDuckGo replace Google search engine in future? Which one is your favorite Search Engine between DuckDuckGo vs Google? Let me know in the comment section below.

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