Programming Interview Questions: Cracking any Job Interview is an Art, which anyone can learn very easily.

However, the first prerequisite to prepare for Coding Interview is to have a good understanding of Programming Interview Questions.

So, we have collected some of the top 50 Coding Interview Questions, which every Programmer must know before going for Interview.

These are some of the top Questions which every Interviews might ask before hiring you as a Programmer or Software Engineer.

Here are the Top 50 Programming Interview Questions every Programmer must know:

  1. What are the different types of Data Structures? (Answer)
  2. How to find all the permutations of a given String? (Answer)
  3. Define Artificial Intelligence and how does it work? (Answer)
  4. Write a Program to find the missing number in the given array from 1 to 100. (Answer)
  5. Explain Server and it’s working. (Answer)
  6. Write a Program to find the smallest and largest number in an Unsorted Array. (Answer)
  7. How to Implement the Bubble Sort Algorithm? (Answer)
  8. What are the different types of Database? (Answer)
  9. How to Implement the Iterative QuickSort Algorithm? (Answer)
  10. What are some real-world Applications of Stack? (Answer)
  11. Write a Program to reverse a Singly Linked List. (Answer)
  12. What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL Database. (Answer)
  13. Write a Program to reverse an Integer. (Answer)
  14. What are your favorite Programming Languages? (Answer)
  15. How to Implement the Binary Search Tree? (Answer)
  16. How to convert String to Int and Int to String in Python? (Answer)
  17. How to print all the leaf nodes of a Binary Search Tree? (Answer)
  18. Is HTML a Programming Language? (Answer)
  19. Write a program to Implement Pre-Order traversal in a Binary Tree. (Answer)
  20. Explain from scratch How does a Computer Work. (Answer)
  21. Write a program to Implement In-Order traversal in a Binary Tree. (Answer)
  22. What is the difference between Coding vs Programming? (Answer)
  23. Write a program to Implement Post-Order Traversal Algorithm. (Answer)
  24. How to Copy a File in Python? (Answer)
  25. Write a program to count a leaf nodes in a Binary Tree? (Answer)
  26. How to print without newline in Python? (Answer)
  27. Write a program to swap two numbers without using the third variable. (Answer)
  28. What are some of the real-world applications of IOT? (Answer)
  29. Write a program to check if a string is Palindrome. (Answer)
  30. How to add or append key/value pairs in Python? (Answer)
  31. Write a program to check whether two strings are anagrams or not. (Answer)
  32. What are your favorite JavaScript Frameworks? (Answer)
  33. Write a program to find the Nth Node from the end of a linked list. (Answer)
  34. What is a variable in Computer Programming? (Answer)
  35. How to Implement the Insertion Sort Algorithm? (Answer)
  36. Write a program to print the duplicate values in a given array. (Answer)
  37. How to Implement the Merge Sort Algorithm? (Answer)
  38. What is Computer Programming? (Answer)
  39. How to Implement the Bucket Sort Algorithm? (Answer)
  40. What is difference between low-level and high-level Programming Languages? (Answer)
  41. How to Implement the Counting Sort Algorithm? (Answer)
  42. What is difference between NULL vs VOID in Programming? (Answer)
  43. How to Implement the Radix Sort Algorithm? (Answer)
  44. What are Data Structures? (Answer)
  45. What do you enjoy most about Programming? (Answer)
  46. Explain NULL Pointer. (Answer)
  47. Write a program to check whether a given number is Armstrong number or not. (Answer)
  48. Write a program to find all the prime factors of a given Integer. (Answer)
  49. What is Typecasting in Programming? (Answer)
  50. Explain Dangling Pointer. (Answer)

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