Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs: Computer Science is one of the most lucrative field and career option nowadays.

Most of us think that Computer Science is just for Programmers and Geeks. However, it is not completely true.

Nowadays, Computer Science is not just about Programming and Algorithms. It is far more than that.

As Edsger Dijkstra said, “Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes”.

However, there are number of other beneficiary reasons for learning Programming.

Still, if you are interested in Computer Science, but not in Programming. You can still follow your passion.

There are number of other jobs in Computer Science field which do not requires you to learn Programming and we have added those jobs in our list as well.

These career options can also be used for earning money online as well.

Most of the Computer Science student have a general question related to highest paying Jobs available in Computer Science.

Now, Average Salary is also an important parameter to be considered before choosing any career option.

Every career option have a different skill requirement. So, you must choose your field of Interest wisely.

Here is the sorted list of Top 10 highest paying Computer Science Jobs available:

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1. Machine Learning Engineer

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Machine Learning

If you are talking about current most trending technology, then Machine Learning will be their for sure.

As the word Machine Learning itself says much about it. It helps in making Machine able to learn from it’s past experiences.

So, Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which gives computer the ability to learn and modify its program according to current situation with the help of past experience or data.

Machine Learning is known for it’s number of real world applications. It has already captured the majority of the market.

If you are a good programmer and have a basic knowledge of mathematics, then you can build your career in the field of Machine Learning.

Top Companies: Iflexion, Icreon, Cyber Infrastructure, Imaginovation, Hidden Brains and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Machine Learning Engineer in United States is $110,939.

Best Course for learning Machine Learning: Machine Learning

2. Blockchain Engineer

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a underestimated technology as most of us are not completely aware about it.

In Internet, whenever transaction takes place between buyer and seller, there must be some third party which is responsible for handling the transaction.

For example – if you buy anything from Amazon using your Credit or Debit Card, then the third party which manages the transaction will be your Bank. It tracks all your previous records as well.

In Blockchain, 1000’s of computers are connected with each other, in which each and every computer has stored the database in encrypted form.

Blockchain is fault tolerant as well. So, if any of the computer stopped working in the network. Then also the system will be unaffected from it.

Blockchain is very secure technology as it is exceedingly hard to hack. Hacker has to hack all the 1000’s of computer at once to hack into the network.

Best real world application of Blockchain is Bitcoin. Bitcoins are the digital currency which works using Blockchain Technology.

Most of the companies are moving towards Blockchain, as it provides number of advantages in comparison to traditional technologies.

With this, the demand of Blockchain Engineer also increased. So, if this is the technology which excites you, then you should definitely go for it.

Top Companies: Gemini, IBM, Coinbase, Circle, Steem and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Blockchain Engineer in United States is $107,000.

Best Course for learning Blockchain – Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

3. Cyber Security Engineer

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Cyber Security

There is a great need of Cyber Security Expert in every company.

However, most of us are still confused that whether they should choose Cyber Security as a career or not.

To become a Cyber Security Expert, you must be a Jack of all the latest and trending Technologies.

You need not to be a master but you should have a decent knowledge of the Technology and how it actually works inside the hood.

There is no particular syllabus or Programming Language which you need to learn to become Cyber Security Expert.

As a Cyber Security Engineer, you have to deal with number of technologies or software to find bugs and loopholes in it.

So, a Cyber Security Engineer should have a basic knowledge of Top Programming Languages or Technologies.

So, if you love problem solving, challenges, learning new technologies and finding loopholes in it. Then you can definitely go for Cyber Security as a career option.

Top Companies: CyberArk Software, IBM, Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Cyber Security Engineer in United States is $95,409.

Best Course for learning Cyber Security:

(Volume 1) – The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed!

(Volume 2) – The Complete Cyber Security Course : Network Security!

4. Cloud Engineer

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Cloud Computing

Before getting into the Job of Cloud Engineer. Let’s firstly understand what is Cloud Computing and how does it exactly work.

Cloud Computing is a technology in which your data get stored in some other computer having much powerful components and computation capability.

The physical location of that computer can be 1000’s of miles away or it can be located in different country as well.

Most of us are using Cloud Computing in our day to day life. For example – if you are using Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, then you are using the Cloud Computing.Technology.

All the photos which you have uploaded in your Facebook account. You can access them from anywhere and any device. As the photos itself are stored in Server or Cloud Computer.

Nowadays, 80% of the applications are running on cloud.

Cloud Computing Engineer is the one who deal with each and every aspect of Cloud Computing.

As every business or company is using Cloud Computing Technology. So, there is a huge demand of cloud Computing Engineers which is increasing day by day.

Top Companies: Kamatera, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Cloud Computing Engineer in United States is $91,409.

5. Data Scientist

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Data Science

Data Scientist is the person who uses different operations, algorithms and different type of Data Structures on the data to solve problems related to business and increasing it’s growth.

For example – Amazon is the company which uses your data or search history to recommend you the most relevant products to you.

Same is the case of Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and many more.

There is good demand of data scientist in majority of the companies.

To be a Data Scientist, you should have a good knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics and Programming Languages like – R, SQL and Python is used for Data Science Projects. You should have a decent knowledge of business domain as well.

If you have these skill sets, you can also take a privilege of one of the highest paying Computer Science Jobs.

Top Companies: Splunk, Oracle, SPINS, Sisense, Teradata and many more.

Best Course for learning Data Science: Data Science Specialization

6. Full Stack Developer

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Full Stack Development

In the past year, the demand of full stack developer is drastically increased. As most of the companies has publicly announced that they hire full stack developer only.

Basically Full Stack Developer is the one who have a good understanding of Front-End as well as Back-End Development.

Full Stack Developer handles and integrate the Front-End as well as Back-End part of the Software.

Top Companies: Brainvire Infotech Inc, Innofield, Peerbits, Colan Infotech and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Full Stack Developer in United States is $75,057.

Best Course on Full Stack Development: The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp

7. Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Development

As the number of Apps are increasing day by day in the App Store and Play Store, the demand of a good Mobile Application Developer is also increasing.

If you gave a good or innovative idea and a decent knowledge of Mobile Application Development, then you can start your own Startup as well.

To become a Mobile Application Developer, you should firstly choose the platform for which you want to create applications.

Top platforms available nowadays are Android and iOS.

By majority of the developers, Java Programming Language is used for Android Application Development.

However, there is a lots of confusion regarding Java vs Kotlin for Android Development. After choosing the Programming Language, you can start your Application Development with the help of Android Studio.

For iOS Application Development, the Programming Language which is required is Swift. Here, you can use XCode to build your iOS Applications.

If you are looking forward for building Application for Android and iOS with the same code base, then you can go with the technologies, like – Flutter or React Native.

There is a great scope of Mobile Application Development in future and you should definitely give it a try as well.

Top Companies: Dot Com Infoway, Zco, MLSDev and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Mobile Application Developer in United States is $73,375.

Best Course for learning Android Development: The Complete Android 10 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

Best Course for learning iOS Development: iOS & Swift – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

8. Network Engineer

Network Engineer

Network Engineer is the one who is responsible for handling all the networking or computer network related Operation’s within the organisation or company.

Network Engineer also handles all the technical problems in the network.

To become a certified network engineer, you should have a good knowledge of computer architecture and networking.

You can take a Certification Course of Cisco , as Cisco is the company known for networking equipment manufacturing and have a great name in the field of networking as well.

Top Companies: Cisco, Amazon, Apple, A10 Networks Akamai and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Network Engineer in United States is $73,081.

Best Course for learning Networking: The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking

9. Web Developer

Web Developer

Every business need a website to grow. Therefore, there is evergreen need of a good web developers in a company.

So, here is a learning path you can follow to become a Web Developer.

The first step towards your Web Development journey is to start with HTML. HTML is responsible for giving the structure to your web page.

After you have the knowledge of HTML, you should go with CSS.

CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is for designing or stylish your HTML web page. It makes your website much attractive as well.

To create a dynamic website, you need to take the help of JavaScript. JavaScript is the programming language which will add the automation in your static website.

By learning these 3 Languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), you will become a Front-End web developer.

There are many other technologies, like – React or Angular, which are used for create attractive GUI for Web Applications.

However, if you want to learn Back-End web Development, you should learn the Programming Languages like – PHP and Mongodb.

You can also use the platform’s like – WordPress, which is very popular nowadays. As 60% of the total website in the Internet are build on WordPress only.

Top Companies: MentroMate, Praxent, Capital Numbers, Experion Technologies and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Web Developer in United States is $59,280.

Best Course for learning Web Development: The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp

10. Game Developer

Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in Game Development

Nowadays, Everyone is fond of playing video games. Young as well as old people, both have a equal craze for gaming.

With this increase in trend for gaming, the demand of Game Developer also increased.

So, if you are interesting in Gaming and want to make your career in Gaming Development. Then here is a learning path for you to become a Game Developer.

To become a Game Developer, you should have a ability to think creativity. As there must be a good story line and a strong characters to build a successful game.

Programming Language like – C++, C# or JavaScript is used for developing Games.

After you have the decent knowledge of Programming, you can start Game Development with Game Engines.

There are many good Game Engine available in market, which you can choose according to your requirement.

Top Companies: Nintendo, Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard, Sony Interactive Entertainment and many more.

Salary: The average salary of Game Developer in United States is $50,923.

Best Course for learning Game Development using:

Unity Game Engine – Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D

Unreal Engine – Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games

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